Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stripes and Chains

Another one of those anthro shirts that I got for Christmas that I am way behind on posting. This was not my most practical buy, as it is short sleeved but I saw it months ago on their website and had to have it, so when I went shopping and it was on sale there was no question. I like it because it's flattering and it has that interesting curved cut on the hem of the shirt. I also made good use of my juicy bracelet featured here as a focal piece.

Anthropologie Shirt, Giani Bini booties, Pac Sun jeans,
Juicy Couture bracelet, Juicy Couture ring

Love my Giani Bini's (Planning on getting a new pair of booties)
Close up of Juicy Bracelet

My personal preference for styling was minimal jewelry (odd for me), so I had only one small ring and a bright bracelet. I straightened my hair to make sure the lines all worked, and it was more aesthetically pleasing than it would have been curled or wavy. I pulled it back with a clip solely because my hair is thick and heavy and I don't like it in my face. I wore skinny jeans because the nice flow of the shirt would have drowned me if I'd also worn loose jeans. I am planning on getting the rest of my Xmas clothes up in the next week and a half.
Happy Thursday!

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