Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Parisian Chic

I am one who loves having a theme to an outfit (as exemplified here) and when this lovely lady decided on a Parisian theme for her outfit I decided she simply had to be photographed.
This will be added into the latest category of Fashion of the People, along with this post

Personally my favorite picture. I've been infatuated with topographical photos lately.
Love: the color combination. The white stripes correlate with the white hat without being too matchy and the gold of the necklace adds a more sophisticated feel while the pink tank top adds femininity. The necklace is also great because it has a vertical look, taking away from the horizontal lines of the sweater and helping narrow the look. I also like the loose curls because they're casual but oh so chic. Finally, I adore the inside print of the coat, that was a special surprise while photographing.
Hope you all had tolerable Tuesdays and that you're Wednesdays are wonderful!

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