Sunday, March 18, 2012

Country Concert

Last night was quite possibly the best night of my young life-ever. I went to see the Miranda Lambert concert with my Young Life leader, Kara and we had pit tickets, which means I was about five feet away from my favorite artist of all time. (By the way, she is the coolest person ever.) Of course to adequately celebrate this momentous occasion I spent a nice amount of money to dress in my country best.
jacket, dress and belt from Nordstrom; sunglasses from Juicy Couture; boots courtesy of Alie

 Luckily my friend Alie had boots I could borrow, since I have yet to secure some of my own--Mom says it'd be a good graduation gift--and so I was plenty southern for the concert. Jerrod Niemann and Chris Young performed as opening acts and they were simply wonderful. Miranda was her awesome self and it was easily the best concert I've ever seen. One of the best parts was sharing the experience with my wonderful Young Life leader Kara!
Me and Kara before the show
 I hope everyone's weekend is going as well as mine and some of y'all are having some good country fun!
May the Prada be with you

Friday, March 16, 2012

Five Trends

I have missed blogging more than I thought I ever would and so to kick off my third attempt to really get back into this, I'll start with five trends I'm crushing on.
1. Statement Coats
I'm obsessed with bright bold accent pieces, such as this anthropologie orange trench coat. Perfect to finish off these last few months of cold in Colorado.
 2. High Waisted Shorts
I loved high waisted shorts last summer season (shown here and here) as well but I'm especially excited to see them coming back with a bang this year. They're so retro and so flattering!
 3. Leather everything!
This is an example from one of my favorite blogs of a leather shirt, but leather has been coming back from dresses to shorts (my friend just got a pair from Free People--so cute.)
 4. Transparent with Modesty
I love the trend of having transparent shirts and slits, but especially love this example of it being done with a touch of modesty rather than letting everyone see your bra covered by a mesh shirt.
 5. Polka Dots
Polka dots are back everywhere, especially with skirts and dresses. They're fun and a hint vintage and the perfect pattern for summer. (swimsuits anybody?)
Overall I'm excited about the upcoming trends this season and excited to get back into blogging! I'll be doing my best to post regularly and show y'all what I've been up to. For example tomorrow I'm going to the Miranda Lambert concert and could not be more excited to pull out my cowboy boots!
May the Prada be with you