Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Beginnings

Hello all! I wish I had been better organized so I could have posted earlier but it has been crazy getting ready for the "Big Day" what with packing, parties, classes, and goodbyes. I'm now here in San Francisco and let me just remind those of you who don't know, it's a huge city. I started classes Monday and the past weekend I have been unpacking, buying last minute class supplies, hanging out with my cousin Talia and getting to know the area.
A delicious breakfast...well I suppose it would be considered a late brunch since neither of us even woke up until 11:30, at a cute Parisian cafe.

I'm loving it here! Oh and...I cut off over a foot of my hair! Rapunzel's long locks are gone and in place is a sassy short new haircut!

AFTER! I cut twelve inches off and donated it:) I love my new cut, and as glamorous as my old hair was, it was time to give my hair new life!
Also, talking about my classes....I'm clearly in the right place. I walked into the library of my dreams, with three shelves of Vogue, including every US issue since 1970 and a decade of vogue from Italy. I held back tears of joy

As my classes progress I'll keep you updated on the creativity, the glamour, and the fashion. I'm truly learning now....
May the Prada be with you
Young Gucci Purse

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Flashback to Those Breezy Days

sweater/tank/skirt: Nordstrom, shoes: Aldo, sunglasses: Anthro, necklace: Forever XXI, rings: Juicy Couture, Banana Republic

I've been waiting what feels like forever for my perfect 70's bohemian outfit to come together, and was so excited to show it off at a Michigan reunion party! The long skirt paired with seven inch espadrille wedges (my new babies) made me seem much, much taller than I actually am, contrary to my worry of a maxi skirt making me look shorter. The cutoff sweater was comfy and just the right feel for a summer evening. The madness of packing for San Francisco is coming to a high point as I try to make everything work, and fit in a gajillion other things I have to accomplish! AHHH! But I'll definitely be updating you on that whole episode soon. For now....
May the Prada be with you

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Please Don't Ever Grow Up

You know those days when you're tinkering with an outfit, and suddenly, are hit with inspiration? Then you tinker a little more, and what results is an outfit that is innovative, unique, classy, and simply to die for. That would sum up how I found this look. I love how fun it is and I admit a weakness for fluffy poofy skirts I can spin in.

blouse: Urban Outfitters; vest: NY&Co; sunglasses: Anthropologie; floral skirt: Nordstroms; underneath tulle of skirt: dress up from my basement
Indeed friends, this was one of those outfits. My inspiration struck from the sixties era and other tulle focused pieces I'd seen. Then the epiphany of taking an old tulle skirt from dress up days came and wellah! I put the floral skirt over for a fun and popping pattern, then stuck to neutrals s that the outfit wasn't too overwhelming. The vest is great to accentuate your waist and as seen in the last picture, the blouse can be removed for hotter days.

Fun tidbit-while wearing this in a boutique the store clerk said they had a similar skirt in there for over $250! Mine was under $20! Creativity is fun for your wardrobe and helpful towards your wallet!
May the Prada be with you

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Key to my Heart

Hello lovies, I'm sorry I've been away longer than I anticipated, but after getting back from Michigan on Tuesday I came down with a nasty cold that I am still battling. So as I sit here surrounded by tissues, cough drops and a nice hot mug of green tea, I will update you on some basics and hopefully be up on my feet and sharing my style again soon.
First of all, I am leaving a week from tomorrow for San Franciso where I will be for the next six weeks. Hurrah! As excited as I am, I'm a little stressed...okay maybe a lot. My To Do list is page after page, and with so many people to see, places to be, and goodbyes to say before the "Big Day", the task of packing for a month and a half is increasingly daunting.
However, even with the craziness and head cold I did squeeze in time to shop and came across the book Style by Lauren Conrad.
If you haven't looked at this book, you should. I've read the first bit and it already has helped me with two realizations. 1) I should start buying more versatile pieces to maximize possible ensemble combinations. 2) Packing will be made easier with said versatile pieces.
The first chapter focuses in key pieces and after some thinking I narrowed down to a few key things that I absolutely need for San Francisco.
The first:
My anchor cardigan from Urban Outfitters.

I literally pair this with everything. It's comfy and light enough for warmer days, but also has long sleeves for cool evening. And it goes with everything without being bland or boring.

Second comes my Franco Sarto pump sandals

They're surprisingly comfy and have a great pattern to them. I wear them with nearly everything and of my collection, they rank first when it comes to likelihood of being able to wear them walking the streets of SF without feeling like my feet may fall off.

My Urban Outfitters long white skirt

SO comfy. I wear it all the time and it looks great with simple tshirts as well as structured blazers, in addition to being a neutral color, making it so I can wear it anytime....admittedly it's hard not to wear it twice a week. It will also be nice to wear a feminine skirt during some of the colder days of SF weather since the skirt is long and has thick fabric.

My oversized white button up

Stolen from my moms closet and far to big for me, this shirt is perfect for belting and pairing with anything from skirts to denim for a classic look. It's easy and simple and timeless.

Also while shopping today I snagged some totally adorable espadrille wedges from Aldo that I've been dying for since they're so summery (and will complete a boho look I'm working on for y'all)

Much love, hoping to be back to normal soon!
As always, keep it classy and may the prada be with you!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Good bye, farewell-be back soon!

Hello lovies-sadly what with violin recitals, SAT Subject Tests and the packing frenzy betwixt vacations, I wasn't able to get some new ensemble shots-though you should be very excited for when I do! In a couple hours I will leave for Michigan, and will not only be computer deprived, but also cell phone deprived! Scary, I know. Anyways, that means for one week I will not be able to post...again. I'm sorry and I swear on my dog's life that as soon as I get back I will be SO much better about it! But don't worry! You will indeed have something to read! My dear friend who went to Boca with me, Alie, and I started another joint blog called Cross Country Couture to keep everyone updated on the ups, the downs, and the fashionable of our adventurous summers, with these two initial trips and then we split across the country: Me to San Francisco and she to New York, both for pre college programs. To read more about it and get more details on our fabulous time in Florida click the following link:
Cross Country Couture
Come on, click it, you know you want to:)

Leah and Alie
Anyways I will be back soon and updating both blogs so I hope all you lovies have a great week and I can't wait to hear from you soon!


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Boca was a Little Blonder

Hello my sweets! I apologize for being gone for so long again-I really am going to be better! You see, my dear friend surprised me with a trip to Boca Raton Florida for five days and it was simply fabulous! I got to relax on the beach, drink some yummy strawberry daquiri's and try out some new ensembles-which will be posted very soon. We forgot to bring the cord to connect the camera to the laptop so we were unable to update blogs. But now I'm back yay!
Seeing as our first day of travel was a whopping seven hours thanks to connecting flights, my friend and I stocked up on as many magazines as possible and combined with a few extras we snagged on the way back-it ended at a whopping 16. I got so many ideas from them that I tabbed a few of  my favorite pages and looks and whipped up a couple inspirational collages. Enjoy!
The theme for this was classic, minimalist and feminine. I was obsessed with the stark collars and feminine lace and skirts. This was more editorial based I found, whereas my next two collages leaned toward commercial-interesting indeed! This is one of my current themes for summer: clean, simple, elegant, timeless...
more collages and outfits to come! Thank you for reading and commenting:)
May the Prada be with you!