Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Beginnings

Hello all! I wish I had been better organized so I could have posted earlier but it has been crazy getting ready for the "Big Day" what with packing, parties, classes, and goodbyes. I'm now here in San Francisco and let me just remind those of you who don't know, it's a huge city. I started classes Monday and the past weekend I have been unpacking, buying last minute class supplies, hanging out with my cousin Talia and getting to know the area.
A delicious breakfast...well I suppose it would be considered a late brunch since neither of us even woke up until 11:30, at a cute Parisian cafe.

I'm loving it here! Oh and...I cut off over a foot of my hair! Rapunzel's long locks are gone and in place is a sassy short new haircut!

AFTER! I cut twelve inches off and donated it:) I love my new cut, and as glamorous as my old hair was, it was time to give my hair new life!
Also, talking about my classes....I'm clearly in the right place. I walked into the library of my dreams, with three shelves of Vogue, including every US issue since 1970 and a decade of vogue from Italy. I held back tears of joy

As my classes progress I'll keep you updated on the creativity, the glamour, and the fashion. I'm truly learning now....
May the Prada be with you
Young Gucci Purse

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