Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Got That Fifties Feelin'

 Todays weather was much improved from the last dreary week of constant rain and overcast. Taking full advantage of the sunshine and milder temperatures, I donned my newest obsession: High waisted shorts. These are just one of my many new pairs and with their lighter wash and basic denim, give me a feel of the fifties. Also: high waisted shorts are great-so flattering and so comfortable.

shirt and shorts: American Eagle; Shoes: Chinese Laundry
 Not to mention high waisted shorts with some killer heels (mine are from Chinese Laundry) make for some crazy long legs, especially if you wear a crop top, which this one happens to be my first DIY.

 Now listen. I love the new trends as much as the next person but it gets expensive keeping up wiht them, especially because I'm saving for an amazing new camera. I felt this look would not be complete without some slinky layered silver jewelry, but alas, do not have any. However, rather than fret, I chose to be resourceful. I have many short silver necklaces and so formed them together to make one long necklace I could layer.

 I also really badly wanted a crop top for these shorts. Why hide the high waist? I haven't been able to find the right one in stores as of late (though I am transforming one of my fave shirts from seventh grade into one as we speak) and so I took some scissors and turned on my tshirt to make a short, cute, DIY shirt. Hooray!
Hope everyone's had a classy day!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Fashionista Bay-bay

I was a little sad today because I didn't get to wear my pretty dress from Georgia that I was gonna show y'all due to stupid rain. However, in exciting news, I got my schedule for Academy of Arts this summer!
Mondays and Thursdays
Fashion Design
Fasion Journalism
Tuesdays and Fridays
Fashion Styling
Fashion Construction
The life of a fashionista in the bay area...doesn't get much better.
Also for your entertainment, my beginings in fashion:

These are pictures of my siblings that I took when I was like...twelve probably. My dad and I were talking about how he'd never have guessed when I was younger that one day I'd be interested in fashion. (I was that kid who didn't brush her hair daily, and thought pink sweats with a blue tie dye shirt was a cute and publicly acceptable outfit.) and when I came across these I laughed to think this was my earlier development of fashion-dressing up my siblings in absurd hair and makeup and taking pictures of them. But hey-it provided my mom with some cute childhood pics for her many...many...many albums for us all.
Hope everyone's Easter was spectacular!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Geometry Wars

Dress: Forever XXI; Shoes: Steve Madden
 Have any of y'all played geometry wars? It's a video game that this dress reminds me of. I'm not in any way a video game person (besides pacman-I am great at pacman) but my violin teacher showed me this game once and the detail on this dress is reminiscent of it. This dress is also reminiscent of summer, sweet sweet summer, and I thought perhaps if I wore this summery number the weather gods would be prompted to comply and provide nicer temperatures than the ones we've been having. (Think cold, rainy and windy.)

 Neon and retro (60's, 70's, 80's) are both super popular this year and lucky for me this little baby was already in my closet from last summer! The crocheted top is also a big trend and this skirt is great for hotter temps.
 The shoes are also great flip flops with wedges that I got for a whopping $20 last season in a clearance sale. They're nice for days where you want flip flops to be just a step more formal than the typical beach and pool wear that the ones from Old Navy are. My favorite dangly gold earrings-which I admit to wearing at a tennis match because of my inspiration Maria Sharapova. She makes tennis just so dang classy!
Yay we're one week closer to summer!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Westward Bound

As I previously mentioned in an earlier post, my mom jumped on the band wagon and agreed that she would look into fashion programs for me this summer. After an immense amount of searching and a good bout of luck, we found the perfect fit.
Yes, indeed we have decided on the pre-college fashion program offered at Academy of Arts University in San Francisco. Every part of it worked out beautifully and I'm all signed up to attend from June 26 - August 5 in the four classes of Fashion Design, Fashion Styling, Fashion Journalism and Fashion Construction.
Furthermore, the school is conveniantly located just a bus ride away from my cousin Talia's house and I will be living with her, much to my delight. We're good friends and I'm excited to spend the summer learning about fashion and hanging out with her! Another great benefit is we're only a train ride away from more family and friends in San Jose who we can stay with on weekends to escape the dreary July weather so common to San Francisco.
I'm very excited about the opportunity and I'm counting down the days.
This ad from Planet Blue describes perfectly what my thought process has been. Packing is one of my bigger concerns (six weeks is a long time) and also the fact that I may end up having a bag solely for my shoes and accessories. Well, we will see. Downsizing will be a necesity.
Besides-that leaves more room to bring home the wonderful fashions I can find scavenging in San Francisco!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Budding Beauty

This design originated during a very boring day of school. Idea created: Math, Idea translated to rough sketch: Health. Inspiration: Grecian Goddes, Rapunzel, Fairy Tales, Italian painters and poets, Sunsets in Spring.
The top is a one shoulder with a little rosebud sitting on the shoulder. Then the skirt is like those bubble skirts--draped underneath itself--and slightly crooked at the bottom diagonally and very draped and flowy and elegant. Then the bottom is layers (preferably cut uneqally) of chiffon in an offwhite colorthat go from just past the knee down to above the ankle. It's thick so you can't see through it, but it'sstill a more airy and ethereal look.

May your Wednesday be wonderful!
Keep it Classy

Monday, April 18, 2011

Accidental Experimental Awesome

While I know I recently showcased this skirt, I loved wearing it with my tie dye tank and high pony tail for that high fashion appeal. The shirt is super loose and comfortable and airy which was a nice contrast to the thicker fabrics of the skirt-though the skirt is ultra comfy. It kinda felt like a makeshift 60's dress.

Skirt: UO, Top: XXI, Heart Necklace: XXI, Short necklace: Boutique in GA, Shoes: Jessica Simpson

 I also enjoyed the pairing of the necklaces--both silver--together. I plan on finding some more necklaces to mix and well as some BANGLES.

So...I lied about the birds. Because I've been getting pretty little sleep to be honest, which resulted in me totally oversleeping this an hour and a half. Yeah. It was bad. So I didn't have time to pull together the outfit I had planned to wear. But sometimes my more experimental or accidental outfits turn out to be my favorites.
Keep it classy!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gilmore Girls Give the Morals of Life

While I love the number 4, I also like larger numbers.
Listen to the song...and follow me;)
I'm excited for the post I'll have up tomorrow, so check it out. It involves birds.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Floral Criss Cross

Spring is at last in the air and to celebrate this sunshine and warmth (though it's occasionally chilly with our ever present breezes here in the foot hills of Colorado) I am breaking out all my old sun dresses, starting with my favorite. It's become a staple and I admittedly wore it a minimum of once a week last summer because it's cotton, easy to move in and the backless aspect helps beat the heat.
Dress: Forever XXI, Cardigan: Kohls, Shoes: Tahari (from DSW)
 My lovely photographer hooked us up with professional lighting and a nice canvas background today from her photography class and I love how the photos turned out! Lighting makes all the difference. My camera still isn't working but luckily she has an excellent one!
 My shoes are so wonderful (besides the fact that they're a little slippery on carpet) and I love that they're canvas with cutouts finished by braids. They go with everything and the heel height is far more manageable than usual.

 Yay for backless! (Although warning: if worn in sun too long, extremely awkward tan lines occur.)
Hope everyone has had a wonderful week and hopefully some of you enjoyed the new premiere of Season 5 of Friday Night Lights like my wonderful photographer and I did!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

5 Things

It's been a little while since I made one of these, so I figured why not, as my camera is currently not usable...however fear not, my wonderful photographer said we can work with hers until my technological issues are resolved. I will also take this time to mention I'm currently saving for a new, much nicer camera, and I'm excited about that. Without further adieu, here are five things that have made me happy in the last week:
1. My very first basketball game, where the Nuggets played the Golden State Warriors and won. It was really cool and I was exponentially more upset I didn't have a working camera. I went with my wonderful young life leader Kara, whom I had bought the tickets for as Christmas gift. We first hit up Lime in Denver for dinner and it was absolutely scrumpcious. Then with our 1st row of club level tickets we watched the game and it fabulous.

from the Denver Post
2. My new bag from American Eagle, and how it has a nautical feel remniscant of summer and the beach. It's also a lot bigger than anything else I own so it's made trips where I need more items much easier.
 3. This beautiful get well card made for me by my lovely photographer as I missed school Friday and have carried on a dastardly cold ever since. It has real  dried flowers and is sitting proudly on my shelves with all my other favorite knick knacks and memorabilia.
 4. Taylor Swift tickets! Denver in September and me, my little sisters, and friends have them! I cannot wait! I've never been to an actual concert, and I'm more than pleased that hers will be my first!
5. This video is absolutely wonderful. I found it hilarious and it easily brightened my day. I hope you enjoy it as well:
I hope everyone's week has been pleasant and that there are more pleasantries to come. Keep it classy.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Today I went to one of my dearest friend's, (and the person who inspired the name of this blog), sweet 16. Though mine is still a few months away, I've already set my heart on the perfect theme. Tea Party, fifties style with the tea dresses, tons of original vintage teacups, fancy lace gloves, mini cucumber sandwiches,mini cupckaes, lemonade and of course, tea. And perhaps parasols because I think they're glamourous.
Hope everyone's weekend is spectacular!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

You Can't Stop the Beat

While listening to my little sister sing this great song from hairspray, I was reminded to update some of my current inspirations. I intended to do an outfit, however it was supposed to be rainy (lies) so I just wore a jeans and sweatshirt today and left my amazing dress at home that I will hopefully show tomorrow. Also my apologies I've been a little off on posting regularly, however my schedule has been ridiculously busy and I don't want to post anything that isn't of good quality. But none the less, here we are!

If I could look exactly like Brittney Snow does right here, every day,I would

this ring and necklace from ruche
eclectic and tribal and different
 I've been DYING in a monotonous state of school, extracurriculars, winter and a lot of neutral clothes. I love my winter wardrobe but I am ready to break into spring and summer, bring on the neon. (mmm that has  a ring to it. It's now officially my spring/summer 2011 catch phrase)
 I need this Tshirt. How a fashionista advocates world peace^^^^

Hello everything classy all in one picture
so retro and vintage and I love the scalloped shorts

 Butterflies signify change...I am ready for a change of clothes and of seasons.
 I've been very into the Parisian idea lately and am contemplating trying a parisian bistro during a night in denver.
 This is the current state my room is in. ^ Clothes and purses and shoes everywhere.
 Bowsbowsbowsbowsbowsbowsbowsbows on shoes = perfection
 And a 70's vibe. I like this 70's comeback. A little wary of it at first, but now I'm really lovin it.
 I want this to be my face. Neon big shades and also bright nails. Bright lipstick bright blush bright everything
 This is another look I really want to get into. My outfits are usually super put together and more simplistic classic, but i LOVE this messy, bright, sheer, "your clothing may have been ripped by your cat" look. And sandals. I love heels, but I need a good pair of sandals.
Oh Amber, althouh this dress makes me think of a pineapple and the one worn in Grease (she's called a pineapple) I love it and would wear it to prom were I old enough.
I'm feeling a tad bit under the weather today, (sore throat, headache, lack of energy) and if I end up sick tomorrow, I will be blissfully watching The Last Song repeatedly while drawing clothes I wish I knew how to sew. Speaking of which--my mom has agreed to send me to a fashion summer camp! Yahhooo! Which one, we do not know, but if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them!