Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You know it's winter when...

Here in Boulder, Colorado the weather has been dropping rapidly, with the high today not even reaching 30. Last year I apparently decided to disregard having a wardrobe for these temperatures and have had to almost completely restock my closet for the below freezing morning I encounter almost every day. This cardigan I got from Kohls which is warm, cozy and simple. I paired it with a tank top and some bold jewelry today, showing off my brand new Butterfly Ring from Nordstrom, as well as my everyday jewelry of my Brighton red charm bracelet and Young Life stainless steel band (engraved with the word TRUTH)  along with pulling my hair back with a clip for a laid back but classy look. I am also wearing my brand new jeans from Pac Sun (LOVE) which are comfy, rare for me to say about any denim.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Spirit

Every year Thanksgiving comes around and I adore it. It's the perfect pre-Christmas warm up to get everyone in that cozy spirit that accompanies December, by drawing families closer, adding on a couple pounds of pie and turkey, and letting everyone get out those comfy sweaters. However, of course, the primary aspect of the holiday, and the piece that I believe really gets everyone in a jolly spirit, is being thankful for things big and small. Everyone remembers the good, the pleasant, the miracles, and the daily things that get lost in the hubbub of life, only to be gratified on the third Thursday of November each year.  Here is my list for 2010:

I have two amazing, devoted, caring and beautiful Young Life leaders, who never fail to brighten my life in unimaginable ways

I got to drive a total of two hours in the past couple days (and no crashes, which im sure would be on my parents list) and also parked the car succesfully for the first time.

We had a scrumptious thanksgiving meal with family and friends, including six different types of pie

I found jeans that are actually comfortable, a feat rarely accomplished

Carlee, (one of my YL leaders) sent all the girls she leads, myself included, the sweetest message today, which brought a big smile to my face, and also wrote a post on her blog addressing exactly what was on my heart.

Yesterday my ten year old sister made me and my family the delightful but simple entree of grilled cheese and tomato soup, after a frigid day of skiing.

I found enough books to do the research for my National History Day Project (which I'd been severely struggling with until I sought out the help of a very friendly librarian)

The condo we're staying in left us the cutest little s'mores kit and roasting sticks for us while we were out

My mom splurged immensely and bought us buttermilk, instead of whole wheat, pancake mix. That is truly a miracle.

Friday, November 12, 2010

CMA's 2010- Eight Elegant Ensembles

I personally love the CMA's. I love country, I love the performances, I love finding out about new artists I hadn't heard of and I love the fashion. This year the thing that stuck out to me by far was Carrie Underwoods many many many wardrobe changes. Not two or three, but eight. I felt over all they were a huge step up from some of her more... interesting selections the previous year.

Look #1
Personally, this wasn't my favorite. I felt that one ruffle should be subtracted.
Either the top ruffleto make an elegant even dress, or the bottom to make it a short adn fun (almost ballerina/tutu) style dress

Look #2
I thought that this little number was chic, a little sexy and overall a success
Though some people criticized the ruffle on the front of the dress, I think
it catches your eye with its pop-out texture and also make the dress unique, instead
of your average sequin mini dress.

Look #3
This was what she performed in and while I have nothing bad to say
I don't think it was a stunner or something to remember. It is very similar to Look #2 but
it's still a good outfit, just a little average.

Look #4
I LOVE this dress. It's feminine, classy, adorable and I've lately
been obsessed with rosettes. This was by far one of my favorites.

Look #5
This yellow frock is flattering and a big step up from
the yellow floorlength gown she wore last year at the
CMA's. I like the pattern and waistline, however, this
wasn't one of my absolute favorites to be honest, however
I also don't usually like the collor yellow.

Look #6
Favorite of the night! While some said it was overdone, I thought it was perfect.
Not as big or...billowing as her red ball gown last year, and it's sparkles on bottom
are so beautiful. The shoulder accent is gorgeous and I just over all love it.
Look #7
Not gonna lie, after her amazing plum gown, this was a huge letdown.
A lot of people have admired the origami style, which I agree can be cute
but I feel it's over done and the color reminds me of Tiramisu. Not that great,
but of course, Carrie pulls it off pretty well.

Look #8
My other favorite and the show's closer dress. While
certain critics despised the poofy skirt, I adored the tulle
ballerina style and thought the detail on the corset was just
so perfect.  (I just wish she'd worn a bright red shoe, to match the roses
on corset rather than the bland pumps she chose)
I also loved these two dazzling  blue dresses on Kimberly Williams (Brad Paisley's wife) and Katherine Heigl

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Anthro Obsession pt 2 Classic Simplicity

Blouses and Cardigans

Chilled Ripples Shell Top
I adore this classy neckline
that adds a touch of sophistication
without over doing it and staying
true to the trend of simplicity

Naturally Sweet Sweater
I love all the eye catching
prints and fitted sillhouete
It's modern and fashionable

Steamed Cappuccino Cardi
Doesn't the name already
make you want to buy it?
It has a touch of the ever
so popular lace common as well
as sticking to the latest colors
of this season

Gust of Grey Blouse
This airy and light sheer blouse
was very common on my trip
and is refresshing and fun
also sticking to this seasons
trend of grey

Hindsight Cardigan
This cardigan is basic, but
classic (very in) and also
a beautiful rich color
not to mention it will def
keep you warm

chinoiserie blouse
I love the army style
buttons on the front taht
have been popping up every
where and the pale purple
taht has also been very in style

Cotton Candy Cardi
I love the embellishments
Precious Poppy Cardigan
this is so feminine and pretty

Craft and Creation Top 29.95
Usually I hate draped necklines
but this one is so elegant and
Mottisfont top
I like the side pin, adds a slimming
effect and is sweet and simple

Its super flattering and way cute
If I had a job this is what id wear

River tyne tee 19.95
The big steal! less than 20
dollars ladies and gents
not to mention the army style
which is very in style currently



Anthro Obesession pt 1 Frills and Flair

On a recent outing with my dear friends, we decided to make what we insisted would be a "quick" stop in Anthropologie, which obviously is very unrealistic because to be honest there is not a single item in that entire store I wouldn't take home with me...if only I had a ridiculous amount of cash in my pocket.
My friends and I all mutually agreed that they're abundance of high waisted skirts were to die for, and also loved their sweaters and blouse collections. And, of course, their aprons are adorable.
As I couldn't make up my mind when it came to narrowing down to only the pieces I adored, and ended up withfar too many for one post so I'm doing this in two parts, the first being skirts and aprons.

 Adorable Aprons
1: 3d Toile half apron. $28 I personally love half aprons, they're feminine and classy
2: Bakers delight apron $32. It's so sweet!(ha funny joke right?) and makes baking far more fun
3: Trousseau apron $38. This is what I call sophisticated and frilly and if it were a dress rather than apron, i'd still want it.

 Sophisticated Skirts
Field Skirt $78
SO versatile and can
go with anything

Courtier Skirt $258
Love the ruffles and

Glowing Leaf Skirt $98
So cute and colorful
Ooh-La-La Lace Skirt
$98 A little more dressy and

Clock skirt $49.99
{on sale!} so modern and
Flowing Cables Sweater
Skirt $98
Warm, comfortable and cute,
and goes with everythin

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Irish Feis (Fesh fice face?)

This Sunday I got the treat of watching two of my friends dance at their Irish dance Feis. (It's pronounced Fesh by the way) My young life leader Carlee took me and though it was all the way in Loveland (an hour's drive) and early in the morning (requiring a Starbucks run) we made it and were even on time! (Very uncommon for us.) It was really cool and amazing how much endurance and stamina these kids have! But of course, Carlee and I were most fascinated by the sparkly and intricate dresses the girls wore, as well as their very bouncy wigs! It was a really fun time and cool to see the culture of this unique dance.
Alexis in photo shoot

Alexis placed third today!

Brynn in her dress

Brynn placed first! (previous competition, i havent heard how she did today yet)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Classy and Cute

The Saturday before Halloween was packed for me. I was out and about from 3 pm- 12 am. Though hectic, the day was wonderful and very much fun. Before the Halloween party I attended I had a charity function I was volunteering at for Young Life until about 9 pm. It was their annual fundraising banquet and the theme this year was masquerade. All the kids and leaders helping out had to wear formal (though many middle schoolers seemed to misunderstand this word) black and white outfits. Now, lucky for me, my mom had just so happened to recently give me a nice black skirt that was too small for her. It was a tad bit big for me, as was the white blouse I borrowed from her (safety pins once again came in handy, and man do they work wonders) which I accompanied with my black sequin bow head band (from Nordstrom), black pumps (also featured in homecoming post and from DSW), the custom cross necklace my parents got me for confirmation (from Helzberg Diamonds) and of course the red leather Brighton charm bracelet my leader Kara gave me that I wear every day. All this with some basic makeup and a smile made for a classy look and fantastic night!

Note: Pictures taken at a later date since I was running late on the atual day. (Just so y'all know, my hair looked a lot better on the actual day haha)

I LOVE these shoes, however they did get a little uncomfortable after over an hour of curtseying on stone steps to incoming guests...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ravishing Red

Tonight is the Fairview v Boulder rivalry playoff soccer game. Whoever wins, goes to state, and that in addition to Boulder being our rival and them beating us last game, means Fairview better win. Fingers crossed! So of course, I'll be decked out in one of these two outfits. (Both are from Forever XXI) I actually purchased them a month ago right before our homecoming game, whihc was  a red out. However, I had no red, and so made a dash to the mall and snagged these cute classy items. Nows another chance to show off spirit with style and I'm super excited to go! I actually love love love going to games, be it baseball, soccer or football. I think the enthusiasm in the air is so exhilirating and you get to see all your friends there. However, my attendance is limited as I cannot drive myself and my school is twenty minutes away from my house. (10 months and counting till I finally get my license!)

Note: Super comfy, very flattering, but also very low. Safety pins were needed to alter the straps,
but it may just be that I'm sorta tiny and short, which probs plays a factor haha

My ten year old sister was my photographer for this post and Hittin the Slopes

Note: It looks unusually dark in this one, the next photo is more accurate color wise.

Super comfy and slouchy, and I love the fake flowers on the shoulder.
Note: I liked how it looked with only one button rather than the two buttons in the previous picture