All About Me

My name is Leah, and I'm fifteen years old. I am a junior attending high school in Boulder CO. You could probably pick me out at school as the only girl who wears heels daily. I've really enjoyed fashion for a while. It started as simply a desire to look cute and classy as much as possible, to a creative outlet where I express my ideas and myself. Fashion is not just wearing a nice pair of jeans, or name brand clothes, or getting compliments, its a creative process that can inspire you and those around you and I've really learned a lot in the past seven months of blogging. I really love to write and after my love for all thats stylish and classy took off, I was overflowing with ideas and so, with the encouragement of my Young Life leader, started my very own blog. I am now able to have a great opportunity to be a part of a fashion program in San Francisco California this summer, and I'm so excited to be exposed to a different region of style and inspiration. I love blogging, and have grown to put a lot of time and effort into it so I thank you for looking at it! I hope you too can find something of inspiration in fashion.
Why is it called Young Gucci Purse?
It was originally a joke with a friend of mine because I was always wanting to learn about fashion. It was a spin off the whole "young grasshopper" thing from all those martial arts movies, except with a fabulous purse instead.
Other activites?
Besides my blog, I play violin (six years), play tennis, take advanced classes, am very active in my local Young Life and in the midst, try to get some sleep as well.
My favorite blogs?
The first blog I ever read, and still my favorite to this day is Cupcakes and Cashmere
Peonies and Polaroids
Karla's Closet
The Fancy Tea Cup
That's Chic
Reading My Tea Leaves
Sincerely Jules
The Style Child
Who takes pictures of me?
A wonderful and dear friend, Louise. We take photos around the school or take the bus off campus and get shots around areas of downtown Boulder. When I don't shoot with her my friend Alie helps me out. In San Francisco this summer my cousin will have the designated position of photographer.
Thanks to:
My two Young Life leaders, Carlee and Kara. Carlee was the one who kept encouraging me to start a blog when she noticed my interest in fashion and love for writing. Kara gave me the idea of the Five Things posts and was the inspiration for my very first design.
All the blogs I read that helped me shape and mold my own personal style for blogging.
My photographers.
My inspirations:
Anything from magazines to scenery to a theme stuck in my head. I love picking a theme and forming an outfit around that. As of late I've also been pushing myself to mix items I never would have before instead of always just buying new clothes. It's actually far more rewarding than just buying new things to accomplish the same fashion idea. I also love watching whats on the runways, new collections, magazines, etc.
Go to Stores?
Urban Outfitters
Forever XXI
Pac Sun
Hopes and Plans?
I hope to keep finding joy in posting and experimenting with my wardrobe, and to share with more and more people my ideas and designs. Plans so far include attending the fashion program this summer, buying a new and much nicer camera which I've been saving up for like crazy, taking more risks with my fashion and having less concerns about how the general public might view me, continuing having fun with blogging and possibly furthering my reputation as the only girl in Boulder who wears high heels every day. Also this summer my friend Alie, who will be in New York all summer, and I are planning to start a joint blog about our cross country experiences with different fashion styles and city experiences. I will post a link in June about that one. I'm super excited!