Thursday, March 31, 2011

Triple French Twist

I like to come up with fun and creative things to do with my hair because it's so long and I get bored easily by straightening it or curling it every day. I was particularly interested in finding unique new ways to style my hair last year and this morning when bored with my long straight locks, I pulled out one of my favorites involving three french twists and a pony tail or pigtails, whatever suits your fancy. It's surprisingly simple and easy to do in the morning but looks polished and chic.
finished product

Simply start with brushed out hair, preferably straightened to make it easier to section.

Make a middle section in the exact middle of your head, brushing any side hair down and away.

Take the front of the middle piece (mine was my bangs) and start to twist them.

Keep twisting downt he middle section to the back of your head, pulling pieces in as you go. try to make the lines of the section even so it isn't zig-zaggy.

Once it's done bobby pin it by opening a bobby pin wide, with one metal tong on either side of the twist and stick it into it forward, then a bobby pin flat. That's how I do it because my hair's so thick, but you can do whatever works for you.

Then do another side the same way. Section it off, brush down the side hair, twist and bobby pin.

Next you do the other side and it should look something like this from the front. (Note: you can simply stop here, especially if you have really curly/volumous hair. I decided on a pony tail because I liked the more pulled back look for my outfit.

Finally pull it back into a pony tail and ta-da! Triple French Twist!
Hope y'all are keeping it classy and ready for Friday! (No I will not be quoting the Rebecca Black song)
March has been a great month and I hope you keep coming back to see what I've been learning through fashion as a Young Gucci Purse

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


When I wore layers of soft, draped clothing in this outfit, I felt a tad bit like a gypsy. For a long time I've wanted to wear this skirt-it's super soft and comfortable and very feminine and pretty. I also really like that the length is longer and it's a-line so you don't always have to be tugging at it or fixing it. (My mother likes the long length as well.) I layered it over with a tank top and cardigan because it was a tad bit chilly and decided it needed a pop of color so I went with a scarf-I recently posted some others I love and how I think they're very versatile.

skirt-Urban Outfitters, Shoes-Franco Sarto, Scarf-Wet Seal, tank top-Nordstrom, Cardigan-Khols
  The detail on the skirt is also exquisite. Tiny details can make all the difference, and this certainly is an example. I also liked mixing all the neutrals of white, grey, and taupe in this outfit, in addition to the brown shoes. I thought it turned out better than expected. I also got some fun new headbands that I'm excited to mix into what I'm wearing. This black one is pretty basic and my go-to head accessory but I'm particluarly excited for a bright pink polka dot headband!
 It was a little windy resulting in much messier hair than intended-but still an enjoyable day. I liked the pink as a focal point and another obsession over the skirt is where it cinches at the waist-very flattering.
 And while the skirt was perfect for colder days, I can definitely wear it in the summer sans cardigan and/or scarf and go for a more praire style look. I'll show you when it's warm enough to do so.
I know I look a tad bit awkward in some of the pictures, but I am often awkward and it translates surprisingly well in photographs. This will be administered to and improved in future shoots. Tomorrow I start school again, much to my dismay, however this also means that I will not sit in pajamas half the day, resulting in actual outfits and clothes being worn. This translates to more consist outfits posting and I have some great stuff lined up that I'm super excited about! Of course, these things will rely on the weather because I have completely lost myself in spring shopping even though everyone knows that you're most likely to get a blizzard in CO during March and April. Sigh...oh well, what can you do?
Hope Tuesday has been terrific. Keep it classy

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sun Kissed Inspiration

My Summer Inspiration Collage
Bright, Beautiful, Sun Kissed, POP
A combination of magazines: Teen Vogue, GL, People
Hooray the blogger is working again for images! Hope everyone's week is off to a good start!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Slight Frustration Leads to Improvisation

      I was planning and very excited for, posting a collage of inspiration today. However, blogger has unexpectedly had some issues with the posting of pictures, so that will have to be delayed until tomorrow, when it will hopefully work. However, fear not. I have a backup. I realized that as much as I do thouroughly enjoy the visual aspect of blogging, I often forget one of the main reasons I started: writing. With my schedule being less than flexible, I've often had to suffice with a couple pictures and captions thrown up without time to truly contemplate and express my thoughts. What awoke my mind to this lack of words was a combination of increased time and the blog (one of my favorites) The Fancy Teacup when one of her posts had a beautiful description of scenery and feel and it was even more rewarding than her creative and elegant photography. "Tumbleweeds wander aimlessly across an open expanse of stark beauty that people would not be able to enjoy in place where buildings and residences loom. " This was an excerpt from the post which I highly encourage you reading as well as her other work.So today when my computer absolutely refused to allow any pictures to go up, I was frustrated but also decided that a lack of visual aid, in no way, should hinder me from posting if I so want to.

       One of the subjects that broached my mind was regarding comments and questions I've gotten lately. I've been asked why I do a blog when my schedule is already so packed, and why I put so much effort into looks. I've also received comments pertaining to this interest in fashion resulting in a materialistic or otherwise vain personality. I did not enjoy those implications in the least.

       I do not have a blog because I like to look 'pretty'. There are many people in this world who like to look 'pretty' and have absolutely no interest or intentions of putting it up on the internet for the world to see. Not to mention I don't always get positive feed back, and yet those often seem to be my favorite ensembles, because they are unique and creative and not status quo. I blog because I enjoy fashion as a creative outlet. I can express ideas and emotions through my clothes and looks, which often results in me seeing so much more in a dress or headband than my shopping partners realize. I like to think that a theme or personality can be determined by my presentation, which may seem vain, but is analogous to an artist who interprets thoughts through a painting or a poet with a poem. I enjoy spending that extra bit of time to make my hair and makeup and clothes and shoes cohesive in order to portray a theme, and revel in inventing new ways to wear individual items.

     And as much as some may insist otherwise, your appearance makes a statement about you, whether intended or not. I for one would rather make a statement with high heeled platforms and dresses than jeans and converse. In no way am I saying that others should not express themselves with jeans or tshirts or whatever their hearts desire, I just feel that my way is what best conveys me. I'm most comfortable in high heels, and so I will wear them when I please, not because I'm vain or materialistic, but because they bring me joy when I slip them on in the morning, and give me a sense of self importance and confidence. I also find walking in them easy because I naturally walk on my toes and have since I was one years old. (fun fact) and my mom says that is obviously a sign I was born for high heels.

    In days packed with multiple extracurriculars, inhumane amounts of homework, and little sleep, I spend multiple hours per week on this blog whether it be getting a special look ready in the morning, taking pictures during lunch breaks, or manuevering the technological aspects of posting it (technology has never been my strength). I do all this because it brightens my day. Looking nice gives me confidence, helps me be creative, makes me smile, and getting up the finished post makes me feel accomplished. This experience has gotten my brain working in new ways, inspiring new ideas, and giving me the encouragement and confidence to dress exactly how I want to. And in the end, it's what makes us happy and makes our days a little more pleasant that are really important.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Absentee in Atlanta

Hello all! Sorry I've been very infrequent. I have actually been in Georgia and South Carolina the past few days to look at a couple colleges and experience the south. I've often aspired to be a southern belle. Anyways I had no computer access and luckily my dearest friend/photographer Louise kindly put up a pre-written post Thursday so I wasn't completely gone. Anyways I completely love Georgia. It's magnificent, at least the parts I saw.
We drove a heck of a lot. Greenville to Atlanta to Athens to Columbia to Greenville all in five days. That in addition to extensively long flights, that took us in a huge loop around the country before bringing us back to DIA. My mom said she's never been so happy to see our airport. One plus? I got complete control over the radio this trip meaning Country music 24/7!

1 of the 18 I counted.
 If y'all didn't know, there are a heck of a lot of Waffle houses in the south. We started counting and I got a total of 18, keeping in mind I dozed off for a better portion of the driving. Moving cars and airplanes are like sleep medication for me, knock me right out. We ate in one for the sole purpose of seeing what the hype was about. It was cute, diner style, and guess what they served? Waffles, that's right! Well, my opinion was that it was fine but not spectacular, however it must be observed that I am not a breakfast person at all.
We ate at this great all vegetarian restaurant on the UGA campus called Grit, which I highly recommend. They also served diet coke in a glass bottle, which made my little heart just leap for joy. My shirt, is indeed, a Georgia shirt that my mom insisted I get and is super comfortable. Plus, I totally loved UGA so who knows, maybe it'll come in handy in the future! And other than this shirt, we did plenty of shopping that I'm excited to feature! The botiques there are great and the sales people are so cute and accomodating. "Y'all have a nice day now!" Such a pleasant sound!

The sorority houses were mcmansions and the architecture was stellar, and super southern. All the houses had big pillars and windows and porches, many of which were accompanied by rocking chairs. I wish I 'd taken more pictures but I was very lazy about it. Georgia was completely fabulous though, I loved the campus and the culture, and am certainly pleased to say I love the south! The trip was just what I needed to rejuvinate, ease my mind of any worries that home had provided, and have one on one with my mom, an uncommon specialty when you have three younger siblings. Speaking of three, three things that Georgia never seems to be short of: Peaches, Sweet Tea, and Waffles.
I hope everyone has had a pleasant week and should expect lots of new posts in the upcoming days from me!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shall We Go for a Stroll

Lately the weather in here in Boulder Colorado has been thouroughly pleasant, however, particularly in the months of March and April the weather can change quickly, and is most definitley not the promised 70 degrees until past noon. However, being one who simply revells in the adornment of dresses, I often bear the shivering and chattering of teeth until the sun peeks out. But, also being resourceful, I've brainstormed a compromise. I feel that an addition of a scarf to dresses can be a stylish way to warm up your shoulders and add another layer to a cute dress.
Hello adorable ruffles! And very versatile...I'm not sure I can come up with many dresses at all that you couldn't pair this with, and nice and light fabric so that if it heats up you won't suffocate from heat.
Accessory Street Sheer Ruffle Scarf
 I really like the adorable floral pattern that could add a focal point to a more plain dress.
fresh bouquet floral scarf
 This I actually saw on a clip of Gossip Girl this afternoon while channel surfing and I really loved it. The crystal work at the bottom is beatiful and kind of reminds me of my last design. Also a more classic scarf look.
Fringed Crystal Cashmere Scarf
(Found at Bergdorf Goodman)
 Scarves also seem to be popular for head accessories as well, which I for one fully support. It's nice to be able to wrap up hair, especially when it's long and thick, during hot summer afternoons. While I'm aware it's not Summer, I'm daydreaming of it constantly.
Urban Outfitters
Cooperative Conversational Print Oblong Scarf
 Not a scarf, but still very adorable and perfect for spring to warm up your frigid shoulders in sleeveless dresses. I also love the crocheted look (very popular this season) and it gives me a nostalgic vintage feel.
Shadow-Spun Capelet
Hope everyone's having a breezy week!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Night on the Town

This was inspired by some slinky sequined dresses I saw and liked, but a little different...ya know, I sometiems realize that the first idea things originate from, ends up bearing little resemblance because it mutates in my mind. Anyways here's a design, since I know I haven't put one up in a while:
This number has a simplistic shape, that would fall nicely over an hourglass shape. The neckline is a tad bit deep which may be scandalous were it not for the classy black mesh draped over it, providing a high neckline. I would imagine it in two color schemes; the first being deep avy blue with the stones being shiny rhinestones that would reflect the light. The second would be white with the stones being black. I drew out the layout for how the stones would be aligned in case my sketch wasn't very clear. It would hem right above the knee. I would imagine it for a night out or even a school dance.
Hope everyone's week started out well!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Five Things (Sixxx)

Hello all! Look at who's being consistant with the camera! This week was long, very very long. I had 8 tests total throughout the week, 2 tennis matches, and only 4 hours of sleep Thursday night. But I made it! And now it's Spring Break! Which means I'll have time to clean my disaster of a room, come up with some new designs, catch up on all my favorite blogs, and have time to eat sleep and breathe! But here were the things that got me through the past seven days:
1. This coca-cola cap necklace I finally got around to making. The cap has been sitting on my desk since June, awaiting the day I would finally put it on a string. The reason? There is a darling pizza place at my mall where they have big, and tasty slices of pizza and coca-cola in glass bottles. All summer my best friend and I would venture over to beat the heat with a cool glass bottle of beverage and some pizza. We decided we should make necklaces out of our memories, and here it is!
 2. These beautiful daffodils blooming. I've loved these flowers since I was little because my mom had framed some pages out of her childhood flower poem book and one of them was daffodils. I'm tempted to find those picture frames again adn hang them on my wall for a spring and vintage feel.
 3. Girlscout cookies!! I love them-who doesn't? And no little girls came to our door this year, but I found some being sold at school and Walmart and picked up a couple of my favorites. My ultimate favorite is the peanutbutter ones-the Tagalongs!
 4. I found this in one of my school's bathroom stalls and thought it was so touching and true. Whoever did this is wonderful and certainly made my day!
 5. This big blue beautiful sky, clear and signifying the amazing and warm weather we've been blessed with! There is no sky bluer than Colorado's.
6. People can be wonderful and uplifting! And also thanks to the peole who were understanding of my less than pleasant mood Friday from the stress and sleep deprivation. Hopefully that will not be a recurring theme.
I hope everyone's enjoying break or hanging in there till theirs starts!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St Patty's

I generally am one of the least spirited people you will meet, mostly because I often wait till the last minute and can't pull it together. On St Patrick's day this results in me digging frantically through my jewelry box two minutes before I have to leave for school, desperately seeking some green earrings so no one will pinch me. However, much to my luck today, I realized the dress I'd already been planning to wear is green! So no pinches, and I really enjoy the versatility and fresh feel of this number, paired with my favorite go-to cardigan.
Dress-Forever XXI, Cardigan-Urban Outfitters, Shoes-by Jessica Simpson
We conveniantly stumbled upon a cheerfully green wall.

Look how versatile! Perfect for fall/spring unpredictabilities when paired with a cardigan adn perfect for hot summer days when worn solo. I don't own many green things, nor do I own many tube top things, but I greatly enjoy this piece.
Happy St Patrick's Day!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

True People and Free Religion

I decided that for the upcoming seasons involving warm weather that fully permit dresses everyday, I would like to find less feminine jackets to rough up a super feminine dress. Paired with some killer heels, and I will be set. So browsing Free People and True Religion I found some possible dress/jean jacket combinations that I would love to wear if I only had $400 to spend on one outfit. Sigh, at least good inspiration for browsing the more affordable stores.
Parisian Bouquets Halter Dress
Free People
 I like the halter and the fun print that seems to completely encompass Spring itself, and let's be real, who doesn't want a Parisian inspired dress?
Solid Lace Neck Dress
Free People
 This fuels my love of lace and all it's class, and I've also been very intrigued by high necklines lately. I think it's nice that fashion is taking a turn away from the scandalous and bare-it-all mentality.
Summer Flora Dress
Free People
 This has an eclectic vintage feel that I adore. Also feeling the off the shoulder sleeves. I kinda of like that it isn't a super organized dress, and it makes me feel like I would really enjoy skipping in it because of the feel it gives. Odd, but if I feel like skipping in a dress, I know it's a winner.
Womens Emily Western Jacket
True Religion
The jacket is classic, dark wash, fitted and would look good with a dress, particularly the halter one is what I'm thinking. For the Flora dress I would probably pick a denim vest, but I'm really tired and have a lot of tests so I'm going to just leave that to y'alls imagination rather than find a new picture.
Is anyone else so ready for Spring Break? (2 more days!!)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Denim Dress At Last

Finally, I have come around to posting the denim dress that I've been talking about for a while now. I like the versatility of denim dresses, and how mine in particular does a good job at giving me a waist. I also really enjoyed the fact that due to the more simplistic styling of the apparel, I was able to pull out some crazy tall and very unique shoes, which have been my new obsession. Overall today was surprisingly good. So good that I forgot it was a Monday. Besides frustrations in math today was just overall pleasant. The weather was even great at a gorgeous 65 degrees.
Urban Outfitters denim dress, Nordstrom belt, Chinese Laundry shoes
These shoes were the result of multiple hours of violin playing with which I earned them. While my mom was at first skeptical of the nearly six inch heel, I was so smitten that she allowed it. Note: These pumps have a platform, which significantly reduces how high the heel feels. I also like that the top is cloth so it's super comfy.

I had on red lipstick but it faded throughout the day

Colorado has beautiful scenery. Another thing I loved about this dress was that unlike many denim items, it was well within budget in the sale section of UO at a shocking $20. The delicate pleats, unique neckline and metallic buttons are also a plus.
I hope you all had as good a Monday as I did. Keep it classy!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Soles 4 Souls

As most of you know, a devastating earthquake hit Japan yesterday. As many of you also know, I love shoes. The corrolation?
A month ago my mom showed me a charity called Soles 4 Souls, a nonprofit organization devoted to giving children and adults in poverty stricken countries a pair of shoes. They've given out over 13 million shoes since 2005, a rate of about 1 every seven seconds.
Why are shoes so important? 300 million children are barefoot right now. Without shoes they are more at risk of diseases and parasites that are life threatening and unlike the paved roads we're used to, they're walking on dirt roads littered with broken glass and metal.
 In Japan right now, there is debris covering the country and many people no longer have shoes.
With Soles 4 Souls you can donate shoes, or money. A one dollar donation provides one pair of shoes. The shoes should be gently worn, or new if you're feeling generous. And they can be any type, whether that be pumps or sneakers or sandals or boots. And if you have an orphan shoe that you can't find the partner to, they accept half pairs as well.
This is the link: and you should click it.

Friday, March 11, 2011

{Bombshell, Lying} 100!!!

So I said previously I was going to post something about a denim dress, and I'm not because with everything else I had going on this week I wasn't able to pull it together. However, I pinky promise it will be done within the next week. And I'm pretty pleased with this look anyways. The top part of it reminds me of a beach bombshell from the fifties and I really like the cutout in the back. Not to mention I'm jumping at any opportunity to wear spring and summer clothing even though it's only March. And this is officially my 100th post! Yippeee!
Pac Sun shirt, Charlotte Rousse Jeans, Nordstrom Cardigan, Juicy ring, Franco Sarto shoes
yay for cut outs!
Really small floral patterns have been showing up everywhere from shoes to tops and I really like them. Classic and spring-y. I also like where the waist of this top hits. It's quite flattering in my opinion.
It was extremely windy earlier in the morning but luckily it died down before we had to brave the weather for photos. Colorado is really unpredictable.
Playing with my hair, how typical.
Hope y'all had an easygoing Friday and fun weekends planned!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

5 Things, (But Really 6)

Look who's being better about toting her camera! That's right, it took less than three weeks for a new five things! (Btw, I finished the CSAPS! Forever! Yayyy! I never have to take them again!)
1. I made brownies all by myself without burning them or the house, and I even remembered to turn off the oven when I was done. Just in case you did not know, I am a terrible cook.
2. Going shopping at Urban Outfitters with a couple fun people, such as Mr. Isaac here, who was dragged along. I got some great new stuff that will be featured soon and by that I mean Friday so don't forget to check it out!
3. My new nail polish, (from Urban) that is a pleasant purple and grey combination that I've been searching for all winter. In case you'd like to buy it it's only five dollars and the color name is Nude 4.
3. This delicious pasta with shrimp at Cheese Cake Factory. The lunch portion was perfect for three people to share.
5. Getting to spend the entire weekend with this lovely person while both my parents and my siblings were out of town skiing. I didn't get to go because I was not able to skip school and tennis practice, but I definitely didn't mind getting to go out for meals and watch lots of movies and Friday Night Lights with one of my very favorite people.
Kara driving the Durango
6. People are quite pleasant, particularly when they comment on your posts! (The comments have been much appreciated:)) I also like people in argyle. Just saying.
Hope everyone else had joy similar to that of finishing craptastic annual tests for the rest of their lives!