Saturday, March 26, 2011

Absentee in Atlanta

Hello all! Sorry I've been very infrequent. I have actually been in Georgia and South Carolina the past few days to look at a couple colleges and experience the south. I've often aspired to be a southern belle. Anyways I had no computer access and luckily my dearest friend/photographer Louise kindly put up a pre-written post Thursday so I wasn't completely gone. Anyways I completely love Georgia. It's magnificent, at least the parts I saw.
We drove a heck of a lot. Greenville to Atlanta to Athens to Columbia to Greenville all in five days. That in addition to extensively long flights, that took us in a huge loop around the country before bringing us back to DIA. My mom said she's never been so happy to see our airport. One plus? I got complete control over the radio this trip meaning Country music 24/7!

1 of the 18 I counted.
 If y'all didn't know, there are a heck of a lot of Waffle houses in the south. We started counting and I got a total of 18, keeping in mind I dozed off for a better portion of the driving. Moving cars and airplanes are like sleep medication for me, knock me right out. We ate in one for the sole purpose of seeing what the hype was about. It was cute, diner style, and guess what they served? Waffles, that's right! Well, my opinion was that it was fine but not spectacular, however it must be observed that I am not a breakfast person at all.
We ate at this great all vegetarian restaurant on the UGA campus called Grit, which I highly recommend. They also served diet coke in a glass bottle, which made my little heart just leap for joy. My shirt, is indeed, a Georgia shirt that my mom insisted I get and is super comfortable. Plus, I totally loved UGA so who knows, maybe it'll come in handy in the future! And other than this shirt, we did plenty of shopping that I'm excited to feature! The botiques there are great and the sales people are so cute and accomodating. "Y'all have a nice day now!" Such a pleasant sound!

The sorority houses were mcmansions and the architecture was stellar, and super southern. All the houses had big pillars and windows and porches, many of which were accompanied by rocking chairs. I wish I 'd taken more pictures but I was very lazy about it. Georgia was completely fabulous though, I loved the campus and the culture, and am certainly pleased to say I love the south! The trip was just what I needed to rejuvinate, ease my mind of any worries that home had provided, and have one on one with my mom, an uncommon specialty when you have three younger siblings. Speaking of three, three things that Georgia never seems to be short of: Peaches, Sweet Tea, and Waffles.
I hope everyone has had a pleasant week and should expect lots of new posts in the upcoming days from me!

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