Tuesday, March 29, 2011


When I wore layers of soft, draped clothing in this outfit, I felt a tad bit like a gypsy. For a long time I've wanted to wear this skirt-it's super soft and comfortable and very feminine and pretty. I also really like that the length is longer and it's a-line so you don't always have to be tugging at it or fixing it. (My mother likes the long length as well.) I layered it over with a tank top and cardigan because it was a tad bit chilly and decided it needed a pop of color so I went with a scarf-I recently posted some others I love and how I think they're very versatile.

skirt-Urban Outfitters, Shoes-Franco Sarto, Scarf-Wet Seal, tank top-Nordstrom, Cardigan-Khols
  The detail on the skirt is also exquisite. Tiny details can make all the difference, and this certainly is an example. I also liked mixing all the neutrals of white, grey, and taupe in this outfit, in addition to the brown shoes. I thought it turned out better than expected. I also got some fun new headbands that I'm excited to mix into what I'm wearing. This black one is pretty basic and my go-to head accessory but I'm particluarly excited for a bright pink polka dot headband!
 It was a little windy resulting in much messier hair than intended-but still an enjoyable day. I liked the pink as a focal point and another obsession over the skirt is where it cinches at the waist-very flattering.
 And while the skirt was perfect for colder days, I can definitely wear it in the summer sans cardigan and/or scarf and go for a more praire style look. I'll show you when it's warm enough to do so.
I know I look a tad bit awkward in some of the pictures, but I am often awkward and it translates surprisingly well in photographs. This will be administered to and improved in future shoots. Tomorrow I start school again, much to my dismay, however this also means that I will not sit in pajamas half the day, resulting in actual outfits and clothes being worn. This translates to more consist outfits posting and I have some great stuff lined up that I'm super excited about! Of course, these things will rely on the weather because I have completely lost myself in spring shopping even though everyone knows that you're most likely to get a blizzard in CO during March and April. Sigh...oh well, what can you do?
Hope Tuesday has been terrific. Keep it classy

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