Thursday, March 31, 2011

Triple French Twist

I like to come up with fun and creative things to do with my hair because it's so long and I get bored easily by straightening it or curling it every day. I was particularly interested in finding unique new ways to style my hair last year and this morning when bored with my long straight locks, I pulled out one of my favorites involving three french twists and a pony tail or pigtails, whatever suits your fancy. It's surprisingly simple and easy to do in the morning but looks polished and chic.
finished product

Simply start with brushed out hair, preferably straightened to make it easier to section.

Make a middle section in the exact middle of your head, brushing any side hair down and away.

Take the front of the middle piece (mine was my bangs) and start to twist them.

Keep twisting downt he middle section to the back of your head, pulling pieces in as you go. try to make the lines of the section even so it isn't zig-zaggy.

Once it's done bobby pin it by opening a bobby pin wide, with one metal tong on either side of the twist and stick it into it forward, then a bobby pin flat. That's how I do it because my hair's so thick, but you can do whatever works for you.

Then do another side the same way. Section it off, brush down the side hair, twist and bobby pin.

Next you do the other side and it should look something like this from the front. (Note: you can simply stop here, especially if you have really curly/volumous hair. I decided on a pony tail because I liked the more pulled back look for my outfit.

Finally pull it back into a pony tail and ta-da! Triple French Twist!
Hope y'all are keeping it classy and ready for Friday! (No I will not be quoting the Rebecca Black song)
March has been a great month and I hope you keep coming back to see what I've been learning through fashion as a Young Gucci Purse