Sunday, April 3, 2011

In a Circus of My Own

I'm not one who likes to wear just what everyone else is wearing...ever. I like to be creative and take every opportunity to wear something exciting and unique and oh so chic. While in Georgia over Spring Break my mom and I took a trip into the Betsey Johnson boutique in an Atlanta mall and I was dumbstruck. I was smitten with everything in there, and particularly latched onto a short evening gown with a unique and fabulous design. (If only I was old enough to go to prom!)
The skirt is entirely composed of bright pink tulle with a corset style bodice and I want this dress in my closet more than life itself! I know that it's not the most obvious choice but it would be perfect and I truly wish I could've bought it and saved it for next year. (Although who knows what other wonders Betsey will have come out with by then.)

Betsey Johnson
Evening Tallula Strapless Dress

It inspired me to come up with my own version of a dress with a tulle skirt-because my one qualm with the dress was that the top was a tad bit understated and I wish it'd had a few embellishments. (However, it does leave room for playing with accessories which would work perfectly too.)

My dress has the same corset top and a tulle skirt, though my tulle would be organized in a more up and down fashion than the swirl of the Betsey dress.The top corset piece would either be a pastel clementine color or a fresh white color and would have a sash of fabric flowers of all types (Daisies, Roses, Tulips, etc) and would go into and indent sort of into the skirt a few inches down, and wrap around the shoulder to the top of the other side of the corset. Would anyone else rock the tulle skirt for prom?
Keep it classy! Hope everyone's as ready for April as I am!

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  1. i LOVE that betsy johnson dress and your sketch as well! thanks for your comment!