Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Budding Beauty

This design originated during a very boring day of school. Idea created: Math, Idea translated to rough sketch: Health. Inspiration: Grecian Goddes, Rapunzel, Fairy Tales, Italian painters and poets, Sunsets in Spring.
The top is a one shoulder with a little rosebud sitting on the shoulder. Then the skirt is like those bubble skirts--draped underneath itself--and slightly crooked at the bottom diagonally and very draped and flowy and elegant. Then the bottom is layers (preferably cut uneqally) of chiffon in an offwhite colorthat go from just past the knee down to above the ankle. It's thick so you can't see through it, but it'sstill a more airy and ethereal look.

May your Wednesday be wonderful!
Keep it Classy

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