Monday, April 25, 2011

Fashionista Bay-bay

I was a little sad today because I didn't get to wear my pretty dress from Georgia that I was gonna show y'all due to stupid rain. However, in exciting news, I got my schedule for Academy of Arts this summer!
Mondays and Thursdays
Fashion Design
Fasion Journalism
Tuesdays and Fridays
Fashion Styling
Fashion Construction
The life of a fashionista in the bay area...doesn't get much better.
Also for your entertainment, my beginings in fashion:

These are pictures of my siblings that I took when I was like...twelve probably. My dad and I were talking about how he'd never have guessed when I was younger that one day I'd be interested in fashion. (I was that kid who didn't brush her hair daily, and thought pink sweats with a blue tie dye shirt was a cute and publicly acceptable outfit.) and when I came across these I laughed to think this was my earlier development of fashion-dressing up my siblings in absurd hair and makeup and taking pictures of them. But hey-it provided my mom with some cute childhood pics for her many...many...many albums for us all.
Hope everyone's Easter was spectacular!


  1. they're look so cute :)

  2. ♥Love your post.) So nice.) ♥

  3. Adorable! Cute blog!

  4. adorable photos.. next time you can showcase the dress, do it!!!