Friday, April 22, 2011

Geometry Wars

Dress: Forever XXI; Shoes: Steve Madden
 Have any of y'all played geometry wars? It's a video game that this dress reminds me of. I'm not in any way a video game person (besides pacman-I am great at pacman) but my violin teacher showed me this game once and the detail on this dress is reminiscent of it. This dress is also reminiscent of summer, sweet sweet summer, and I thought perhaps if I wore this summery number the weather gods would be prompted to comply and provide nicer temperatures than the ones we've been having. (Think cold, rainy and windy.)

 Neon and retro (60's, 70's, 80's) are both super popular this year and lucky for me this little baby was already in my closet from last summer! The crocheted top is also a big trend and this skirt is great for hotter temps.
 The shoes are also great flip flops with wedges that I got for a whopping $20 last season in a clearance sale. They're nice for days where you want flip flops to be just a step more formal than the typical beach and pool wear that the ones from Old Navy are. My favorite dangly gold earrings-which I admit to wearing at a tennis match because of my inspiration Maria Sharapova. She makes tennis just so dang classy!
Yay we're one week closer to summer!


  1. the ruffles are so pretty! i love the angular print

  2. Love the tribal print.

    xo L.

  3. love your dress and the print! xx

  4. Ooh I love the print of that dress!!!
    Sadly I've never played that game, haha