Tuesday, April 12, 2011

5 Things

It's been a little while since I made one of these, so I figured why not, as my camera is currently not usable...however fear not, my wonderful photographer said we can work with hers until my technological issues are resolved. I will also take this time to mention I'm currently saving for a new, much nicer camera, and I'm excited about that. Without further adieu, here are five things that have made me happy in the last week:
1. My very first basketball game, where the Nuggets played the Golden State Warriors and won. It was really cool and I was exponentially more upset I didn't have a working camera. I went with my wonderful young life leader Kara, whom I had bought the tickets for as Christmas gift. We first hit up Lime in Denver for dinner and it was absolutely scrumpcious. Then with our 1st row of club level tickets we watched the game and it fabulous.

from the Denver Post
2. My new bag from American Eagle, and how it has a nautical feel remniscant of summer and the beach. It's also a lot bigger than anything else I own so it's made trips where I need more items much easier.
 3. This beautiful get well card made for me by my lovely photographer as I missed school Friday and have carried on a dastardly cold ever since. It has real  dried flowers and is sitting proudly on my shelves with all my other favorite knick knacks and memorabilia.
 4. Taylor Swift tickets! Denver in September and me, my little sisters, and friends have them! I cannot wait! I've never been to an actual concert, and I'm more than pleased that hers will be my first!
5. This video is absolutely wonderful. I found it hilarious and it easily brightened my day. I hope you enjoy it as well:
I hope everyone's week has been pleasant and that there are more pleasantries to come. Keep it classy.


  1. thanks huni for the comment on my blog ! your blog is great keep it up


  2. cute! i love it! :)