Thursday, April 7, 2011

You Can't Stop the Beat

While listening to my little sister sing this great song from hairspray, I was reminded to update some of my current inspirations. I intended to do an outfit, however it was supposed to be rainy (lies) so I just wore a jeans and sweatshirt today and left my amazing dress at home that I will hopefully show tomorrow. Also my apologies I've been a little off on posting regularly, however my schedule has been ridiculously busy and I don't want to post anything that isn't of good quality. But none the less, here we are!

If I could look exactly like Brittney Snow does right here, every day,I would

this ring and necklace from ruche
eclectic and tribal and different
 I've been DYING in a monotonous state of school, extracurriculars, winter and a lot of neutral clothes. I love my winter wardrobe but I am ready to break into spring and summer, bring on the neon. (mmm that has  a ring to it. It's now officially my spring/summer 2011 catch phrase)
 I need this Tshirt. How a fashionista advocates world peace^^^^

Hello everything classy all in one picture
so retro and vintage and I love the scalloped shorts

 Butterflies signify change...I am ready for a change of clothes and of seasons.
 I've been very into the Parisian idea lately and am contemplating trying a parisian bistro during a night in denver.
 This is the current state my room is in. ^ Clothes and purses and shoes everywhere.
 Bowsbowsbowsbowsbowsbowsbowsbows on shoes = perfection
 And a 70's vibe. I like this 70's comeback. A little wary of it at first, but now I'm really lovin it.
 I want this to be my face. Neon big shades and also bright nails. Bright lipstick bright blush bright everything
 This is another look I really want to get into. My outfits are usually super put together and more simplistic classic, but i LOVE this messy, bright, sheer, "your clothing may have been ripped by your cat" look. And sandals. I love heels, but I need a good pair of sandals.
Oh Amber, althouh this dress makes me think of a pineapple and the one worn in Grease (she's called a pineapple) I love it and would wear it to prom were I old enough.
I'm feeling a tad bit under the weather today, (sore throat, headache, lack of energy) and if I end up sick tomorrow, I will be blissfully watching The Last Song repeatedly while drawing clothes I wish I knew how to sew. Speaking of which--my mom has agreed to send me to a fashion summer camp! Yahhooo! Which one, we do not know, but if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them!


  1. Love this collection! Swingin' 60's indeed :D I totally love this vibe right on down to those PERFECTLY sweet and sexy Mary you know who makes 'em? Gotta have it...or something very much like it...Thanks for sharing hun, Happy Weekend!


    Haute Khuuture Blog

  2. Aww, this is beautiful,
    I love it !

    Henar ♥
    ...OH MY VOGUE!

  3. Amazing pics!! All of them!!
    Thanks for comment ;)