Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Honorables

I do make a habit of watching the Oscars, but have found I only actually pay attention at two parts. One being the big awards, of Director, Actress, Actor and overall best movie. The other being the red carpet for the sole purpose of seeing who's wearing what by whom. To start I must say I was a little dissapointed. There were a lot of pretty dresses, a couple not so pretty dresses and a lot of almost there gowns. Those ones where if they had just adjusted one thing it would have been a knockout. But there weren't any real show stopper dresses, whether they be totally outrageous that you wonder what thought process led the person to select such a frock, or ones that make you want to cry out of immense greed to wear something so extraordinary when you full well know that there is no point in this lifetime you could afford it unless you wanted to be homeless. I think Lady Gaga should go to the next Academy Awards, even though she isn't an actress just so there is a guarantee that one dress will be forever imprinted in your mind.
Anyways, here are a couple of my favorites from last night:
Hailee Steinfeld
Wearing: Her own design helped by Marchesa
Nominated for: Best Supporting Actress
 Alright, this young lady had better be showing up at a lot more Oscars because I adored her dress. It was so cute and yet very classy, and she's like fourteen! I think the adults could learn something from her. (And she helped design it!) Favorite part of the dress is the tulle skirt and the light pink/purple color. I noticed there were abundance of dresses in purple this year. And red, but I didn't really like any of the red dresses to be honest.
Mila Kunis
Wearing: Elie Saab
 While there was some controversy over Mila Kunis' dress, I adored it. It has that disintegrating feel from the current Alexander McQueen line for spring. Again in purple, and oh so feminine and just pretty! I thought she looked fabulous.
Amy Adams
Wearing: L'Wren Scott
Nominated for: Best Supporting Actress
 Oh Amy Adams, I've loved you ever since your first role in Enchanted. And I am quite pleased with your dress as well. It looks like you've gone swimming in saphires! I do sort of wish it was sleeveless, however it still looks very chic.
Florence Welch
 Uhm hello vintage! I love vintage, very into it as of late and this encompasses vintage chic. The top is my favorite with the antique style lace. My one complaint is the color looks a little funny, but otherwise I'm dying to find a way to get something exactly like this...just with a shorter skirt so I can wear it casually. I haven't been invited to any balls or Oscar's lately. Pity!
Reese Witherspoon
Wearing: Armani Prive
 Reese Witherspoon is one of my all time favorite actresses and has been ever since I saw her in Legally Blonde. (Some of my friends claim I am like her character Elle, in being blonde and loving fashion. And of course, being short.) And once again she brings effortless class and beautiful elegance to her style. The dress is stunning, but her hair is my favorite. I probably would do the same with my long blonde locks were I attending the event.
Natalie Portman
Wearing: Rodarte
Nominated and won: Best Actress
Last, but most certainly not least is the lovely, and very pregnant, Natalie Portman. Another purple gown, and very nice in hiding the baby bump with layers of ethereal chiffon. I really like the off the shoulder sleeves as well. And okay, did anyone else wonder what would have happened had the excitement of winning caused her to go into early labor? I 'm just sayin it would have been a very memorable award show. If it's a boy she could have named him Oscar! Ha, okay bad joke. Anyways love her and her gown.
Hope you all had a decent Monday and did your homework instead of obsessing over the Oscars. Turns out explaining to a teacher you didn't complete the assignment due to the necessity of evaluating the fashion at the Academy Awards doesn't fly.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Five Things (But Really Six)

I am aware I have not been particularly punctual with my list of five things, and this is partially because I often times don't have my camera with me 24/7 and prefer not to throw things together with crappy pictures or lacking pictures altogether. If I post something, I like to do it to the fullest potential. That being said, I am going to do my best to start having my camera on me and doing the five things more regularly. That being said, the last couple weeks have also been a tad bit stressful and rough, causing less time for blogging and picture taking. However, here are a few things that brightened my week:
1. A summery treat on a not so summery day.
fresh strawberries with powdered sugar
 2. A new way to style my hair thats easy, cute and fresh. Plus it gives a sort of southern belle look.
the first layer of hot rollers.
  I really enjoy curling my hair, especially now that its so long that straightening it isn't as appealing because its just long and flat without texture. However using a curling iron takes forever, and I get antsy standing there holding it to my head and feeling immobile when there are so many other things besides my hair that must get done. Hot rollers have been the perfect solution, allowing me to run around while my hair is being styled. I also like that it comes out less in ringlets and more in big volumous curls.
the finished product of hot rollers
 3. Making some delicious and creative cupcakes.

animal cupcakes: sheep, pig, dog, bear, cat and frog.

my lovely friend (also the photgrapher for the ensemble shoots)
 4. A gift from a friend that eases my nights.
Over the last couple months I started having nightmares, which are not a great deal of fun. Though skeptical at first, I was convinced that this would do the trick. And it's cute wall decor.
my cute dreamcatcher hanging above my bed
 5. Sunblock, because yes, apparently you can get a sunburn in February.
 6. I do enjoy people, and I am excited to some people tonight at the academy awards! So excited for the walk down the red carpet. Glamour glamour glamour!
Hope all your weeks are off to a good start!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

If the Shoe Fits, Buy It!

This last week I was given a surprising treat-shoe shopping with my mom. Normally I am required to pay for all my clothes and outings with my monthly allowance, but my mom made an exception due to her dismay at how much I wear my Gianni Bini booties. It is true that for some time I have been sorely hurting in the shoe department and besides my new brown sandals, haven't purchased any shoes in a year, not because I don't like shoes, but because shoes are expensive, and generally I just buy a couple pairs before the start of school and hope they last through the year. Most of them did not this time, and so my mom took the reins and drove me over to DSW. I am pleased to say that my mother supported my obsession with high heels, and helped me find two cute new pairs, as well as a pair of black flats that I've been needing since I listed them in this post
Lexie Sandals by Tahari
Sadly, it will be a little while till I can wear my new heels. I'm already not supposed to wear heels before my tennis season starts because it tightens your hamstrings, and just today while hitting I slipped and hyperextended my hamstring. While I'm letting it heel I will be sticking to flats like the ones I purchased.

Kelly & Katie Lexee Ballet Flat
 My mother mostly approved of my selection, but was not happy that I didn't find new black heels or booties to wear in place of Gianni Bini's. She requested I find some as soon as possible. As much as I love the Gianni's, they've acquired some serious stains from snow and slush that is unavoidable in Colorado, and it's doubtful they'll make it through next winter. However, in order to increase the lifespan of my shoes, my mom has come up with another proposition that thrills me! If I practice violin (which I've been neglecting because I'm so swamped in homework and tennis) for ten days a minimum of half an hour then she will be me a new pair of shoe. Her theory is the more shoes I have, the less I'll wear each one adn the longer they'll last. I'm guessing this is a limited time offer because she's not going to buy me very many shoes, but I'm excited about the prospects of a couple new pairs before summer! Here are some that are high on my list:

Urban Outfitters
Cooperative Peeptoe Woven Wedge
(Possible Gianni replacement?)
elise lace-up ankle booties in taupe

Chinese Laundry
Heart Throb Platforms
Hope all of your weekends are off to a good start!

Friday, February 25, 2011

A Formal Affair

Hello all! I would just like to show you my latest design. I put in into two different variations, one is a wedding design and that was the original idea because a couple of people I know have gotten engaged recently and so I was in the wedding mood. Then I thought it would also look lovely in a shorter cocktail version that would be good with standout heels and an updo on the red carpet. I'd love to know what you think!
The top is a sweatheart neckline but overlayed with thick lace that has a high necklin and ties on the shoulders and is sleeveless. The skirt is full but not all the way ballgown and is composed of shredded fabric, lace, etc for a feathery ethereal look.

This dress is primariliy the same but with a much short skirt cutting off right above the knee adn there are no ties on teh shoulders. It is also not the stark and crisp white of the wedding dress, but instead is more taupe.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday and is ready for the weekend!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dying for Denim

As shown by yesterdays post, I recently acquired denim pumps, and am deeply in love with them. They have also sparked an interest in denim, with more and more of it appearing now. I think if you do it the right way, denim is classy and so versatile since it goes with everything. I prefer deeper hues and less grainy textures. Here are a couple of my favorite denim items out there:

Rapture Washed Denim Tunic
 Denim tunic-want sooooo badly. I think it'd look stellar this summer with some messy hair tied back with a ribbon. I know, specific.
Charlotte Rousse
Tube Denim Button Front Romper
 Rompers are wonderful as they are, and a denim romper would exponentially increase my love of them.
Stella Mccartney
Ink Lace Embroidered Denim Dress
 I love that this denim dress doesn't have any reminiscence of those dowdy country ones we so often think of. It's modern and the embroidery at the hem adds that feminine touch. And the following skirt is another example of a modern take on a denim piece!

At the Break of Dawn Denim Bow Tie Skirt
And now for a couple more denim pumps I adore:
Yves Saint Laurent 'Tribtoo' Denim Platform Pump

Christian Louboutin Greissimo Denim Knot Pump
Hope everyone is having a fantastic week. And if not-halfway done!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Glimpse of Spring

Today I wore one of my favorite shirts, a tank top style shirt with beautiful embellishment on the neckline. This is the perfect example of why you should not always try things on in your size. This is an XL from Nordstrom, where I am usually a small for shirts, and I love it because the longer length is more flattering and comfortable and also allows me to wear the top with leggings.

peeking behind a tree. Look at those flowers, so delicate. I love girly stuff!
 As for my jeans I've been seeing more and more people cuff the hem, which I originally didn't believe I could pull off, but actually really like. It's extremely flattering and makes me look taller when my jeans aren't dragging on the floor (also increase jean lifespan since it decreases tatters and tears on the edges). I also really enjoyed that it allowed me to show off my new shoes.
basking in the sun under an oh so blue Colorado sky

Nordstrom top, Pac Sun jeans, JS by Jessica Erica Sandals, Juicy rings
These glorious shoes are some of my favorites ever, primarily because, believe it or not, they are exceedingly comfortable. Not common for a 5 1/2 inch heel, I know, but the denim fabric that compromises the top of the shoe feels like your foot is gently wrapped in cloth and the platform on the front makes the heel feel far less drastic. They'll also be easy to pair with any outfit because of the fact that they go with jeans, and jeans go with pretty much everything.

Hope everyone has had a breezy Tuesday!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Fashion Boards

For a while now I've been wanting some decor above my desk for inspiration, fashionwise and memoirs as well. So I set to work, bought two canvases and painted basic design and shapes onto them.

 Tape trick I remembered from a commercial. Thank you TV!
 I then proceeded to pin up some of my childhood photos, favorite dresses such as the Luly Yang one featured here in my very first post and some Betsey Johnson, as well as some of my own designs, and letters from friends.

 Now I have a few snippets of inspiration for my room and a succesful DIY. I'm quite pleased!
Hope y'all had a nice Monday off school!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Wrapped up in Pink

This design manifests my recent obsessions with fabric wrapped around your body, the color pink, and of course bows. It ended up reminding me of the shirt featured here which is one of my favorites. For this dress I would not recommend the usual stick skinny model. It would look significantly better on someone with the average hourglass body type.
And now I'm off to my school's rivalry basketball game! Hope y'all are having just as fun a start to your weekends!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Windy Gusts

First off I would like to explain that today was very extremely windy. I did not like said wind, because a) I don't like wind in general. It messes up your hair, causes important papers to almost fly out of your backpack and also makes what should have been a day in the fifties, feel like a day in the twenties. and b) I was wearing an airy skirt. Wind and such skirts do not mix. However I still enjoyed my outfit while safely inside warm buildings, because it is very feminine, comfortable and flattering. This skirt was long forgotten in my closet in part because the purpose I originally bought it for did not work out and I just realized I had yet to make use of it until today. I also am currently very in love with skirt and heel combinations. They make me look much taller than I actually am. Good news though! I was enthralled at my doctors appointment (unusual because I despise doctor visits) and was informed I have grown from 5'2" to 5'3"! Hurrah!
Hello there wind. Thank you so much for blowing my skirt around. It's greatly appreciated. Thank you also for ruining the temperature on the forecast and henceforth turning my legs to icicles.
Pacsun skirt, Nordstrom tank top, Kohl's sweater, DSW wedges

love the waistline this ensemble gave
 In order to complete the pictures without being swept away, we found a quaint little door with a shanty type cover, also shielded by being tucked away in an alley between buildings to take pictures. Not one of the normal places and also provided a couple awkward shadows but well worth it.

Near the end of the shoot (totally only five minutes because I am a baby about temp) I was struggling to make a pretty face. But I really like the door and the chipped paint for some reason so I put this photo in anyways.
Hope you all had much warmer Thursdays than I!