Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Spring Collection

Looking at collections of great designers (featured here and here) I was rather inspired and one night when plagued with insomnia, a few ideas popped into my head and I quickly scratched them onto some paper. After excluding ones that were clearly affected by sleep deprivation, here is what I would have were I to design my own spring collection:
Inspired by Alexander Wang's collection with the white piece-y look. It would be all white soft, light fabric, wrapped and drappe and tied in knots at the indicated places.
 My second sketch of it to try and make it a little neater and show what the back would look like.
Inspired by Betsey Johnson, this has a fifties/sixties silhouette but with a modern twist for the top. It has a large bow that wraps around a little below the shoulder, and then around the back to the waistline, so there is a sort of cut out on the side, but more elegant and classy. Then the skirt has two draped pieces of silk down it, secured with bows at the hem. Light pink coloring.
 This piece has a bow on the neckline that tops a large braid going down the center of the dress. Then from the braid are drapes of fabric flowing around the entire dress symetrically. Fuschia color or possibly in black.
 This design would be in all black lace. The shoulder are large pieces of black lace draped over the shoulder, not sleeves. The waistband is silk and the skirt has a lace pattern styled hem. The neckline has strands of black fabric vertically from the lower part of the neckline up to the actual finish.
 This one I though of after watching the Alexander McQueen fashion show. It's all white fabric, and has a high neckline. Then white strips of fabric wrap around the waist and then come up to encircle the shoulders. The skirt pieces off and criss crosses white strips of fabric for a hem.

 This is my bright red dress. It has a plunging neckline that is connected by a layer of red mesh fabric. The sleeves are scallops with gold trim. The skirt has big bubles of fabric, three layers, piled on top of eachother in a topsyturvy style.
 This is a variation of the dress above it. It has the same plunging neckline but no red mesh, instead gold trim that matches the same sleeves of scallops with gold trim. The skirt has a scalloped curved hem with gold trim. There is also gold trim around the waistline.
Hope you all had a magnificent weeked!

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