Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pleasant Fragrances

During an exceptionally boring Spanish class I noticed my friend (who always wears very great sweaters) take out a circular container that I assumed to be lip balm until she did not rub it on her lips, but instead her wrist. Very puzzled initially, my confusion was dispelled when she explained it was, in fact, solid perfume. Now, maybe I'm a little behind but I had never heard of this idea before and was quite excited. I then noticed what else was on her wrist, a very snazzy Betsey Johnson watch which I also liked very much.
 The perfume and the watch.
The watch face is a mirror!

leapoard leather interior...oh betsey

And to finish, some of my perfume which I got for Christmas that smells great from Juicy. Good smells are wonderful. Like baking cookies on double cold days. Yes indeed, those practically unheard of days where school is closed just because it's closed. Gotta love Colorado.

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