Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Five Things (but really six)

I didn't do one of these last week so this includes some stuff from then, but I couldnt post because I was sick a majority of last week and so it was hard to take lots of pictures of my five things. However, here we go:
1. I have a country hall of fame calendar, and February just so happens to be Miranda Lambert. I'm feeling like this month will be a good one.
 2. Last week we got two snow days in a row, mostly for cold weather. I love how it looks when it snows.
 3. My friend from out of town visited this weekend and we got some delicious (identical) lunches during our shopping trip.
 4. One morning of the days off we had, my mom bought this delectable treat, a sweet orange roll. If you've never had them, they're amazing, and so simple I can even make them.
 5. My dog has an argyle sweater vest (look at the top of her sweater). She keeps it classsy.
6. People can be quite enjoyable, particularly if you haven't gotten to see them for a while.:)
Hope you've all had at least mediocre Wednesdays (it was discussed and decided its the worst day of the week amongst my friends) and that you buy your dogs classy argyle sweaters.

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