Saturday, February 26, 2011

If the Shoe Fits, Buy It!

This last week I was given a surprising treat-shoe shopping with my mom. Normally I am required to pay for all my clothes and outings with my monthly allowance, but my mom made an exception due to her dismay at how much I wear my Gianni Bini booties. It is true that for some time I have been sorely hurting in the shoe department and besides my new brown sandals, haven't purchased any shoes in a year, not because I don't like shoes, but because shoes are expensive, and generally I just buy a couple pairs before the start of school and hope they last through the year. Most of them did not this time, and so my mom took the reins and drove me over to DSW. I am pleased to say that my mother supported my obsession with high heels, and helped me find two cute new pairs, as well as a pair of black flats that I've been needing since I listed them in this post
Lexie Sandals by Tahari
Sadly, it will be a little while till I can wear my new heels. I'm already not supposed to wear heels before my tennis season starts because it tightens your hamstrings, and just today while hitting I slipped and hyperextended my hamstring. While I'm letting it heel I will be sticking to flats like the ones I purchased.

Kelly & Katie Lexee Ballet Flat
 My mother mostly approved of my selection, but was not happy that I didn't find new black heels or booties to wear in place of Gianni Bini's. She requested I find some as soon as possible. As much as I love the Gianni's, they've acquired some serious stains from snow and slush that is unavoidable in Colorado, and it's doubtful they'll make it through next winter. However, in order to increase the lifespan of my shoes, my mom has come up with another proposition that thrills me! If I practice violin (which I've been neglecting because I'm so swamped in homework and tennis) for ten days a minimum of half an hour then she will be me a new pair of shoe. Her theory is the more shoes I have, the less I'll wear each one adn the longer they'll last. I'm guessing this is a limited time offer because she's not going to buy me very many shoes, but I'm excited about the prospects of a couple new pairs before summer! Here are some that are high on my list:

Urban Outfitters
Cooperative Peeptoe Woven Wedge
(Possible Gianni replacement?)
elise lace-up ankle booties in taupe

Chinese Laundry
Heart Throb Platforms
Hope all of your weekends are off to a good start!

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