Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Honorables

I do make a habit of watching the Oscars, but have found I only actually pay attention at two parts. One being the big awards, of Director, Actress, Actor and overall best movie. The other being the red carpet for the sole purpose of seeing who's wearing what by whom. To start I must say I was a little dissapointed. There were a lot of pretty dresses, a couple not so pretty dresses and a lot of almost there gowns. Those ones where if they had just adjusted one thing it would have been a knockout. But there weren't any real show stopper dresses, whether they be totally outrageous that you wonder what thought process led the person to select such a frock, or ones that make you want to cry out of immense greed to wear something so extraordinary when you full well know that there is no point in this lifetime you could afford it unless you wanted to be homeless. I think Lady Gaga should go to the next Academy Awards, even though she isn't an actress just so there is a guarantee that one dress will be forever imprinted in your mind.
Anyways, here are a couple of my favorites from last night:
Hailee Steinfeld
Wearing: Her own design helped by Marchesa
Nominated for: Best Supporting Actress
 Alright, this young lady had better be showing up at a lot more Oscars because I adored her dress. It was so cute and yet very classy, and she's like fourteen! I think the adults could learn something from her. (And she helped design it!) Favorite part of the dress is the tulle skirt and the light pink/purple color. I noticed there were abundance of dresses in purple this year. And red, but I didn't really like any of the red dresses to be honest.
Mila Kunis
Wearing: Elie Saab
 While there was some controversy over Mila Kunis' dress, I adored it. It has that disintegrating feel from the current Alexander McQueen line for spring. Again in purple, and oh so feminine and just pretty! I thought she looked fabulous.
Amy Adams
Wearing: L'Wren Scott
Nominated for: Best Supporting Actress
 Oh Amy Adams, I've loved you ever since your first role in Enchanted. And I am quite pleased with your dress as well. It looks like you've gone swimming in saphires! I do sort of wish it was sleeveless, however it still looks very chic.
Florence Welch
 Uhm hello vintage! I love vintage, very into it as of late and this encompasses vintage chic. The top is my favorite with the antique style lace. My one complaint is the color looks a little funny, but otherwise I'm dying to find a way to get something exactly like this...just with a shorter skirt so I can wear it casually. I haven't been invited to any balls or Oscar's lately. Pity!
Reese Witherspoon
Wearing: Armani Prive
 Reese Witherspoon is one of my all time favorite actresses and has been ever since I saw her in Legally Blonde. (Some of my friends claim I am like her character Elle, in being blonde and loving fashion. And of course, being short.) And once again she brings effortless class and beautiful elegance to her style. The dress is stunning, but her hair is my favorite. I probably would do the same with my long blonde locks were I attending the event.
Natalie Portman
Wearing: Rodarte
Nominated and won: Best Actress
Last, but most certainly not least is the lovely, and very pregnant, Natalie Portman. Another purple gown, and very nice in hiding the baby bump with layers of ethereal chiffon. I really like the off the shoulder sleeves as well. And okay, did anyone else wonder what would have happened had the excitement of winning caused her to go into early labor? I 'm just sayin it would have been a very memorable award show. If it's a boy she could have named him Oscar! Ha, okay bad joke. Anyways love her and her gown.
Hope you all had a decent Monday and did your homework instead of obsessing over the Oscars. Turns out explaining to a teacher you didn't complete the assignment due to the necessity of evaluating the fashion at the Academy Awards doesn't fly.


  1. MIla's outfit was ROCKIN!! Cute.