Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tribal and Warm

This dress is a little more out there and less traditional and classic. It came to mind with thoughts of tribal necklaces, feathers in everybody's hair, sunsets and a little bit of Lion King.
The neckline would be composed of feathers and lightweight fake stones with an onyx look. The skirt would be full and have spots that start out dark, clear cut and organized, but fade into a frenzy of black splashes here and there. The colors are like a sunset. I'd love for you to comment with what you think!
Hope your having a pleasing Tuesday!


  1. i love the voluminous skirt and the nipped waist!
    very creative!


  2. very cute! love the feathers, stones and bright colors. keep up the drawing and i hope to see some more creative designs :)

    Beneath the Glass