Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Listen, I love Scarlett O'hara. Really, I love her. Slightly obsessed. I have read Gone with the Wind all the way through like five times, and will randomly select chapters to read just for fun all the time. I've been reading it the last two days because of C-SAPs (aka C-CRAPs, Colorado Student Abuse Program, etc) which gives lengthy amounts of time for test I usually finish early...and sometimes rush through so I can get back to the class and elegance of nineteenth century Georgia. (I am visiting Georgia in a few weeks!) And let's be real, Scarlett O'hara was such a fashion icon back then.
Scarlett O'hara doll
 This doll sparked an early obsession with Scarlett, as well as with dresses. It has a petticoat and lots of layers. I love lace and if it were shortened it would be a real cute formal dress.
My "well loved" copy of Gone with the Wind

 Example: Again a dress that were it shortened for modern lengths, it would be really adorable. It was like a precursor to the full skirt 60's dresses that are currently so popular.
 This sounds wierd but I've always wanted to try wearing a corset. I think it would be a very intrigueing experience.
 And is this not Oscar worthy? Especially with all the vintage gowns we saw. 
 The dress my doll was styled after. I really like the 1860's style. If only it would come back in style...not extremely promising though as it wasn't particularly practical. Then again, when it comes to fashion, what is?
And now they have Scarlett O'hara fashion for your dog!

 I really love the idea of a southern belle lifestyle. Acres of plantations, big dresses, curled hair, charming accents, and not a care in the world.

the 1860's fashion scene
Note: Neckline seem familiar? Still very common now to have that deep and wide V. And it's miraculous how much detail was put into each dress.
Basis of the post: I love Scarlett O'hara and my obsession has been renewed by my re-re-re-re-re-reading of the book Gone with the Wind. I highly recomend it. And do y'all have book characters that you adore and also think have great style? Or is that just my inner bookworm?
Hope you all are making it through C-craps or midterms or whatever else you have!


  1. I'm an English major, so this is super embarrassing -- but I've never read Gone With the Wind! I clearly need to do so stat!
    xo Josie

  2. Great post, love it!!!