Saturday, March 5, 2011

Puttin On My Shades To Cover Up My Eyes

With sunnier days quickly approaching I've been looking into another pair of sunglasses. I'm pretty particular and usually just stick to what my friends refer to as my "bug eye" sunglasses. It is accurate to say I like oversized shades, but hey I think they're classy and I've been hooked ever since I was twelve and a sales associate at Sunglass Hut showed me a pair from Prada. Even then I was a little fashionista! (I didn't buy them since most twelve year olds dont get $300 allowances.)

My babies that I've had since last year from Nordstrom
(photo from last year)

Now though, while I will still frequent my bug eyes, I'm looking for a pair or two extra since I often misplace things right when I most need them, and it would be nice to have some variety.

I like these Forever XXI aviators and actually had a pair I lost last year. However, they're wonderful because I usually hate how I look in aviators, and yet, the cheapest pair I've ever tried pleases me more than even the couple hundred dollar pair I tried on for fun once. And you can't complain about affordability.
Forever XXI
F0806 Sunglasses
 I think the bow on these is so adorable and definitely something I would wear. I think Urban has some really great sunglasses overall right now, so I'd recomend checking them out if you're in search as I am.
Urban Outfitters
Adorn Bow Wayfarer Sunglasses
 I love the retro twist on these, and that they come in fun colors rather than your typical brown or black and I think they're very summer appropriate. They make me reminisce of vintage beach babes and driving in a convertable in the sun.
Lacoste Eyewear Retro Strip Square Sunglasses
 This is me reverting to my love of big shades but I think the shape is unique and they're simplicity is refreshing and chic.
 I'd love to hear what you think of these and what sunglasses are on your list of must haves! I've really appreciated the comments in the last week and they've made my week!

 Hope y'all are having great weekends and looking forward to sunnier days!


  1. i'm hoping to get some wayfarers this summer!

  2. All of these are so cute. I think it would be hard to decide which pair to get.

  3. The Forever XXI aviators are absolutely fabulous. My girlfriend owns two of them. The other one's called Carrera Gipsy Sunglasses (red). Well, that's one of the fantastic things I love about wearing shades. You don’t get affected by the flash of the camera.