Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm Just Peachy

Today was rather dreary. No, it was extremely dreary. I have yet to see the sun, the roads and sidewalks were icy, and its very cold. So I dreamed of the warm and pleasant afternoons I plan to spend in Atlanta in a couple weeks and came up with this little number. Just think shirley temples, high heels, a light breeze, country music and perhaps some peach cobbler.

The neckline is a basic scoop with fringe-y ties and there is a thin brown belt for the waistline. The color is peach but my scanner did a bad job of picking it up so use your imaginations! The skirt is a bubble so it would move nicely in that light breeze. Comments are greatly appreciated and I'd love to know what you're imagining for spring.
Hope your days were less dreary!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! Nice sketch!! I like!


  2. leahh!!! this is mona, i have to say i really like your blog. you seriously have so much talent it's amazing.