Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shall We Go for a Stroll

Lately the weather in here in Boulder Colorado has been thouroughly pleasant, however, particularly in the months of March and April the weather can change quickly, and is most definitley not the promised 70 degrees until past noon. However, being one who simply revells in the adornment of dresses, I often bear the shivering and chattering of teeth until the sun peeks out. But, also being resourceful, I've brainstormed a compromise. I feel that an addition of a scarf to dresses can be a stylish way to warm up your shoulders and add another layer to a cute dress.
Hello adorable ruffles! And very versatile...I'm not sure I can come up with many dresses at all that you couldn't pair this with, and nice and light fabric so that if it heats up you won't suffocate from heat.
Accessory Street Sheer Ruffle Scarf
 I really like the adorable floral pattern that could add a focal point to a more plain dress.
fresh bouquet floral scarf
 This I actually saw on a clip of Gossip Girl this afternoon while channel surfing and I really loved it. The crystal work at the bottom is beatiful and kind of reminds me of my last design. Also a more classic scarf look.
Fringed Crystal Cashmere Scarf
(Found at Bergdorf Goodman)
 Scarves also seem to be popular for head accessories as well, which I for one fully support. It's nice to be able to wrap up hair, especially when it's long and thick, during hot summer afternoons. While I'm aware it's not Summer, I'm daydreaming of it constantly.
Urban Outfitters
Cooperative Conversational Print Oblong Scarf
 Not a scarf, but still very adorable and perfect for spring to warm up your frigid shoulders in sleeveless dresses. I also love the crocheted look (very popular this season) and it gives me a nostalgic vintage feel.
Shadow-Spun Capelet
Hope everyone's having a breezy week!

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