Monday, March 21, 2011

Night on the Town

This was inspired by some slinky sequined dresses I saw and liked, but a little different...ya know, I sometiems realize that the first idea things originate from, ends up bearing little resemblance because it mutates in my mind. Anyways here's a design, since I know I haven't put one up in a while:
This number has a simplistic shape, that would fall nicely over an hourglass shape. The neckline is a tad bit deep which may be scandalous were it not for the classy black mesh draped over it, providing a high neckline. I would imagine it in two color schemes; the first being deep avy blue with the stones being shiny rhinestones that would reflect the light. The second would be white with the stones being black. I drew out the layout for how the stones would be aligned in case my sketch wasn't very clear. It would hem right above the knee. I would imagine it for a night out or even a school dance.
Hope everyone's week started out well!

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