Saturday, March 19, 2011

Five Things (Sixxx)

Hello all! Look at who's being consistant with the camera! This week was long, very very long. I had 8 tests total throughout the week, 2 tennis matches, and only 4 hours of sleep Thursday night. But I made it! And now it's Spring Break! Which means I'll have time to clean my disaster of a room, come up with some new designs, catch up on all my favorite blogs, and have time to eat sleep and breathe! But here were the things that got me through the past seven days:
1. This coca-cola cap necklace I finally got around to making. The cap has been sitting on my desk since June, awaiting the day I would finally put it on a string. The reason? There is a darling pizza place at my mall where they have big, and tasty slices of pizza and coca-cola in glass bottles. All summer my best friend and I would venture over to beat the heat with a cool glass bottle of beverage and some pizza. We decided we should make necklaces out of our memories, and here it is!
 2. These beautiful daffodils blooming. I've loved these flowers since I was little because my mom had framed some pages out of her childhood flower poem book and one of them was daffodils. I'm tempted to find those picture frames again adn hang them on my wall for a spring and vintage feel.
 3. Girlscout cookies!! I love them-who doesn't? And no little girls came to our door this year, but I found some being sold at school and Walmart and picked up a couple of my favorites. My ultimate favorite is the peanutbutter ones-the Tagalongs!
 4. I found this in one of my school's bathroom stalls and thought it was so touching and true. Whoever did this is wonderful and certainly made my day!
 5. This big blue beautiful sky, clear and signifying the amazing and warm weather we've been blessed with! There is no sky bluer than Colorado's.
6. People can be wonderful and uplifting! And also thanks to the peole who were understanding of my less than pleasant mood Friday from the stress and sleep deprivation. Hopefully that will not be a recurring theme.
I hope everyone's enjoying break or hanging in there till theirs starts!

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