Monday, August 22, 2011

Made With Love

I admit that on days people compliment my clothing choices, I feel pretty good and get a boost in confidence. However, getting complimented on what you picked off the rack in Nordstrom is not half as satisfying as when someone compliments something you made.

Skirt: made by yours truly; tank top: Nordstroms; Cardigan: Urban Outfitters; Shoes: Tahari

Today I donned my new skirt, the skirt I made in my sewing class at AAU this summer, and got countless compliments, even from teachers. Okay, well the teacher was an LA teacher and therefore loves crosswords, but nonetheless it felt so good to get such rewarding feedback on something that was a result of my hard work and something that was a result of my imagination. I even have a few requests to make some for other people!
Each year I like to switch up my wardrobe with new themes and ideas to stick to. This year I'm going with clean chic and have also really enjoyed mixing a bunch of different patterns and prints, as well as combining things you may not think of, such as black and brown (normally cliche but can be made super chic) and combat boots with lace dresses (coming soon).
What fun twists have you all been putting on your new back to school wardrobes?
May the Prada be with you
Best wishes,

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Goodbye's are Bitter Sweet

My last night here was fabulous, including In'n'Out, Martinelli's floats, Grey's Anatomy, lots of laughter, and finishing my final project for design. This is my final article from journalism to post. I'm very sad to go home, honestly. But I know it's where I need to be and I have no doubts that something good is waiting there for me.
The Three R's of Fashion
Vintage style brings new shopping trends
Any girl would jump at the opportunity to get her hands on a designer piece or the newest item a store has to offer, but with the strong trend of vintage looks from the last few decades gaining popularity, a new and more affordable way to shop is on the rise.

Nicole Richie in vintage
Besides catering to those craving garments from the 50's or the 80's, thrift and specialty vintage stores offer individuals a chance to own a completely unique item, with no worries of running into their friend in the same outfit. Another bonus of thrift stores in particular is the price, where, if enough searching is done, one can find a designer item for a thrifty price. Indeed, more and more young fashionistas, bloggers, and celebrities wear vintage in quest of an original and savvy style.
However, while some finds can be just right, it's to be noted that many will require some snipping, altering, or tailoring to avoid looking like you raided your grandmother's closet. Creativity is a must when it comes to thrifting or vintage shopping and opens more doors, rather than the closed mind approach of searching for a "to die for" vintage piece that already fits and has no concerning applique or puffy sleeves so large you might float away. With an open mind, an overdone prom dress can become a cute, sleek skirt, or a loose knit sweater into a beach-worthy crop top. 
The possibilities are endless, and this trend certainly puts a new and stylish spin on recycling.
May the Prada be with you

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Won't You Save Me San Francisco?

Thursday afternoon I will depart for Orange County to see my grandparents and meet up with my family and before I know it I will be home August 7th. I've really loved San Francisco. I've loved the opportunities, experiences and people. Here's a quick photo recap.
 From the cool and quirky architecture and design found around the city...

 to fourth of July....

 to the amazing aquarium including an albino alligator...

 to the planetarium...

 to friends visiting from across the country who visit flea markets and zipline among the skyscrapers...

 to visiting Golden Gate Bridge like tourists...

to a fabulous Giants game with first row club level seats between first and home.
San Francisco has been a dream and I can't wait to post all my work from my classes.
May the Prada be with you