Friday, May 27, 2011

5 Things (But Really Six)

Hello all! Sorry to have been so absent the last week. I just finished up my finals and was overwhelmed with work so I didn't get a chance to post:( but I'm done! Hurrah! So to celebrate the good things of the last month of school and welcome new good things to come this summer, here are my five things:
1. My manicure with my wonderful YL leader Kara before she left. I love the pretty pink pastel color and manicures always make me feel super glamorous!
2. I got a blackberry!  I had a really old phone for many years and my mom and I both got new smart phones. I'm so in love with it!
3. New sunglasses-finally since mine broke ages ago-from Anthropologie that I love for their vintage vibe and unique shape.
 4. A bracelet from my dear friend Alie from Seattle-super cute and earthy for summer.
 5. Classy new Papyrus stationary to write letters to my friends who are across the state and country.
Hope everyone's enjoying the start of summer!
May the Prada be with you

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Momma's Girl

 A few months ago my mom bought me this nice shirt and ever since has been asking when I would wear it. I do like it, however when worn buttoned up with jeans it looks exceedingly business formal for a fifteen year old. Finally I found the perfect way to wear it, over a dress. I belted it to keep the waist and liked how the bright colors contrast with the neutral tones of the blouse. I also love the applique flowers on my shirt.
As you can see, everything is super green from all the rain we've been getting. I wasn't able to wear what I talked about in the last post because of this chilly weather but plan to soon!

Dress-Forever XXI, Shirt-NY&Co, Belt-Anthropologie, Shoes-Jessica Simpson

Here's to hoping that good weather will come soon and that the next week goes by quickly-then finals and I'm free!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ramblings of a Teenage Fashionista

I wish people understood that fashion isn't just about looking cute, but is about being creative and expressive. It's innovative, new and not what most people wear. I wish people understood it's how I express myself. I wish people didn't laugh at what they don't understand. I wish I was in New York or San Francisco with other fashionistas rather than stuck in Boulder, CO with people who only wear Uggs, jeans and tshirts. Very judgmental Ugg, jean and tshirt wearers. I like flair, couture, high heels, swishy tulle skirts, vintage clothes, layers, bright accent pieces, clothes that send a message.

I generally get nice compliments on my shoes, my outfits and my hair, but I always tone down my ideas for school because I know what I do is already way different than what everyone else does. Even wearing what I consider pretty average outfits I get looks in the hall and people tease me on days I don't wear heels because they expect it so often, but also tell me how they don't get how or why I do it. They don't know that there are so many more cool and expressive and interesting pieces and combinations I want to wear, that might not get so many compliments.

Tavi from The Style Rookie blogged: "I'm starting to think I know an outfit is my favorite when I get made fun of by high school boys in cars."

I concur.

However, I lack the self assurance and confidence Tavi seems to possess. So I usually wear not what I want but instead what I know appeals to everyone else.

Now you might say: "But Leah, if you love fashion as much as you say you do, then why would you not wear something totally awesome instead of what the blandly dressed general public finds suitable and pleasant?"

And I reply: "Indeed I do love fashion, however this blandly dressed general public isn't always so nice and for someone as self conscious as me this causes some inner turmoil and a high level of discomfort."

I think all the teenage fashionistas should revolt.

Yes, let's have a fashion revolution.

"All for crazy and awesomely stylish innovative outfits, and awesomely stylish innovative outifts for all!"

Catch phrase, yes?

ANTM couture shoot
This is what  I want to wear. Left for formal, right for school.
Don't know how the land of the jeantshirtuggs would take that

Well, thank God I have a blog and you people. I'll show you what I want to wear tomorrow...or whenever I get around to blogging it. Finals are coming up ya know.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

In fashion you always have to be one step ahead, just to stay current. Fashion in itself is exerimenting and trying for something novel, new, original and unique, and it always keeps you on your toes. However, sometimes for the inspiration to make these advances forward, looking to the past and in vintage magazines can be exactly the trick! Have any of you seen the British show Dr. Who? No? It's great. My friend Olivya introduced me and it's about an immortal doctor who travels through time and space with his comrades. He has this thing called a tardus that transports him, which looks like a little telephone booth but actually is a huge time and space machine.
Please watch the informational video above.
Great, now you have a better understanding. What would I do with a tardus? Duh, go back in time and go shopping. My favorite era is the 1950's-the dresses and femininity is to die for. Not to mention the great full skirts, modest but oh so vintage appealing swimsuits and the glamour. Was I born in the wrong era? Possibly.
Photographer: Norman Parkinson, Paris Vogue 1950

Charm Magazine June 1959
via: MVV

Modess 1953, Model: Dorian Leigh
via: pinterest

R&K Originals 1959, Model: Jan Rylander
Via: MVV

1956 via MVV
 Several old magazine shoots for magazines like Vogue. The women are so classy-and if I could find a swimsuit like the one in Modess from 1953, I would wear it all summer long! Also-on my last post a ton of comments got deleted and I'm sorry to those people! If you comment again I'd enjoy viewing your blogs:)
 If you could have a tardus and travel back to any time period what would it be?


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Back to Those Childhood Days

shorts: Forever XXI, Shirt: Wet Seal, Shoes: Giani Bini, Neckace: Nordstrom BP, Rings: Wet Seal, Pier 1 Imports and Betsey Johnson
 After another intense day of schoolwork, assessments and the stress of the weeks preluding finals week, I ventured to the playground to reminisce in childhood whims. While things are not quite the same (I've lost my monkey bar talent) it was a refreshing and fun photo shoot. I wore my favorite new style of high waisted shorts, these being pin striped and with adorable buttons. Paired with a lace shirt I'm fond of that has long sleeves to suffice for the brief chillier periods that come and go during the unpredictable month of May in Colorado. Of course some great accessories and my most well loved high heels and we're in business.

Hope everyone has some time to look back to lighter and more nostalgic times this week!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Southern Belles

As mentioned before I went on a trip to Georgia a couple months ago to tour UGA and adored it. I also did  a little boutique shopping and found the most adorable dress but have only recently been able to wear it due to frigid and less than Georgian temperatures. My best friend Alie also recently toured a southern school- University of Tennessee and also did some boutique shopping. Coincidently we both pulled out our southern boutique dresses on the same day and quickly decided it was indication of our future occupation as southern belles.

 Dress from Bliss {the boutique} in Knoxville, shoes from BP Nordstrom and cardigan Nordstrom. (She and I shop there a lot together.) The dress has such a beautiful blue color (perf for blondes) and the bottom is exquisite with ruffles that form roses peeking out from the hem. I loved it paired with the pale pink cardigan to create a contrast very remniscent of spring and of course, bows are the best on shoes.

 I feel awful but I do not recall the name of the boutique from which I bought this wonderful little number. It's light and airy and super feminine as its composed of a light silky slip and a thick lace crochet pattern. The ruffles are wonderful and the belt pulled it all together so my little frame didn't get lost in the fabric. I wore a Nordstrom belt and my Franco Sarto sandals.

We love the south and we love our dresses. We also love being done with the APUSH hooray! Alie has absolutely fabulous style so you can expect to see her again. Hope everyone's having a fabulous Saturday!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Let the Flowers Bloom

Forever XXI dress, Franco Sarta Shoes, watch from elementary school
 It's finally spring and feels like it! The dandelions are numerous (which I know are weeds but I absolutely adore their bright yellow faces) and even better are the result where you get to blow all the seeds! Gardeners nightmare, but for someone who LOVES wishing, it's a dream! I love this dress for its full skirt, playful springtime print (with birds) and the lace collar and back. It all has a vintage feel and is perfect for emphasizing the waist.

I've been studying like crazy with all my pre-final exams this week and my finals in three weeks! I've been mostly succesfull which is great but has left me little time for blogging. However, after this friday when I take the APUSH exam, I will be free for a little until finals arrive. With the weather improving every day, plan on man new outfits!
Hope everyone is having a classy and fashionable week!