Saturday, May 14, 2011

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

In fashion you always have to be one step ahead, just to stay current. Fashion in itself is exerimenting and trying for something novel, new, original and unique, and it always keeps you on your toes. However, sometimes for the inspiration to make these advances forward, looking to the past and in vintage magazines can be exactly the trick! Have any of you seen the British show Dr. Who? No? It's great. My friend Olivya introduced me and it's about an immortal doctor who travels through time and space with his comrades. He has this thing called a tardus that transports him, which looks like a little telephone booth but actually is a huge time and space machine.
Please watch the informational video above.
Great, now you have a better understanding. What would I do with a tardus? Duh, go back in time and go shopping. My favorite era is the 1950's-the dresses and femininity is to die for. Not to mention the great full skirts, modest but oh so vintage appealing swimsuits and the glamour. Was I born in the wrong era? Possibly.
Photographer: Norman Parkinson, Paris Vogue 1950

Charm Magazine June 1959
via: MVV

Modess 1953, Model: Dorian Leigh
via: pinterest

R&K Originals 1959, Model: Jan Rylander
Via: MVV

1956 via MVV
 Several old magazine shoots for magazines like Vogue. The women are so classy-and if I could find a swimsuit like the one in Modess from 1953, I would wear it all summer long! Also-on my last post a ton of comments got deleted and I'm sorry to those people! If you comment again I'd enjoy viewing your blogs:)
 If you could have a tardus and travel back to any time period what would it be?



  1. the fifties were such a nice time, in fashion ofcourse:) i love the dresses the women wore. they looked so elegant and feminine:) great post:)

    Farah from Fashionfabrice

  2. these are such beautiful photos <3 timeless and classic looks are always so refreshing to see!!