Monday, May 16, 2011

Ramblings of a Teenage Fashionista

I wish people understood that fashion isn't just about looking cute, but is about being creative and expressive. It's innovative, new and not what most people wear. I wish people understood it's how I express myself. I wish people didn't laugh at what they don't understand. I wish I was in New York or San Francisco with other fashionistas rather than stuck in Boulder, CO with people who only wear Uggs, jeans and tshirts. Very judgmental Ugg, jean and tshirt wearers. I like flair, couture, high heels, swishy tulle skirts, vintage clothes, layers, bright accent pieces, clothes that send a message.

I generally get nice compliments on my shoes, my outfits and my hair, but I always tone down my ideas for school because I know what I do is already way different than what everyone else does. Even wearing what I consider pretty average outfits I get looks in the hall and people tease me on days I don't wear heels because they expect it so often, but also tell me how they don't get how or why I do it. They don't know that there are so many more cool and expressive and interesting pieces and combinations I want to wear, that might not get so many compliments.

Tavi from The Style Rookie blogged: "I'm starting to think I know an outfit is my favorite when I get made fun of by high school boys in cars."

I concur.

However, I lack the self assurance and confidence Tavi seems to possess. So I usually wear not what I want but instead what I know appeals to everyone else.

Now you might say: "But Leah, if you love fashion as much as you say you do, then why would you not wear something totally awesome instead of what the blandly dressed general public finds suitable and pleasant?"

And I reply: "Indeed I do love fashion, however this blandly dressed general public isn't always so nice and for someone as self conscious as me this causes some inner turmoil and a high level of discomfort."

I think all the teenage fashionistas should revolt.

Yes, let's have a fashion revolution.

"All for crazy and awesomely stylish innovative outfits, and awesomely stylish innovative outifts for all!"

Catch phrase, yes?

ANTM couture shoot
This is what  I want to wear. Left for formal, right for school.
Don't know how the land of the jeantshirtuggs would take that

Well, thank God I have a blog and you people. I'll show you what I want to wear tomorrow...or whenever I get around to blogging it. Finals are coming up ya know.


  1. That is a fabulous photo!


  2. Wonderful picture!!
    So bucolic!!


  3. Love the long dress!!

  4. I literally could NOT agree more with this post. It makes so much sense, and I'm in the exact same position. Tank tops and denim shorts are the norm in Singapore, and it's so hard to break out of that without being self conscious. Stop by some time!

  5. great post ! I really agree with you on this. I live in a place of of jeans and ugg wearers as well . I wear things that gets me ridiculed all the time but i dont really care that much. my daily outfits are very toned down and simple as well but i try to incorporate interesting pieces of jewellery or something to make it unique.