Friday, March 11, 2011

{Bombshell, Lying} 100!!!

So I said previously I was going to post something about a denim dress, and I'm not because with everything else I had going on this week I wasn't able to pull it together. However, I pinky promise it will be done within the next week. And I'm pretty pleased with this look anyways. The top part of it reminds me of a beach bombshell from the fifties and I really like the cutout in the back. Not to mention I'm jumping at any opportunity to wear spring and summer clothing even though it's only March. And this is officially my 100th post! Yippeee!
Pac Sun shirt, Charlotte Rousse Jeans, Nordstrom Cardigan, Juicy ring, Franco Sarto shoes
yay for cut outs!
Really small floral patterns have been showing up everywhere from shoes to tops and I really like them. Classic and spring-y. I also like where the waist of this top hits. It's quite flattering in my opinion.
It was extremely windy earlier in the morning but luckily it died down before we had to brave the weather for photos. Colorado is really unpredictable.
Playing with my hair, how typical.
Hope y'all had an easygoing Friday and fun weekends planned!

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