Sunday, March 27, 2011

Slight Frustration Leads to Improvisation

      I was planning and very excited for, posting a collage of inspiration today. However, blogger has unexpectedly had some issues with the posting of pictures, so that will have to be delayed until tomorrow, when it will hopefully work. However, fear not. I have a backup. I realized that as much as I do thouroughly enjoy the visual aspect of blogging, I often forget one of the main reasons I started: writing. With my schedule being less than flexible, I've often had to suffice with a couple pictures and captions thrown up without time to truly contemplate and express my thoughts. What awoke my mind to this lack of words was a combination of increased time and the blog (one of my favorites) The Fancy Teacup when one of her posts had a beautiful description of scenery and feel and it was even more rewarding than her creative and elegant photography. "Tumbleweeds wander aimlessly across an open expanse of stark beauty that people would not be able to enjoy in place where buildings and residences loom. " This was an excerpt from the post which I highly encourage you reading as well as her other work.So today when my computer absolutely refused to allow any pictures to go up, I was frustrated but also decided that a lack of visual aid, in no way, should hinder me from posting if I so want to.

       One of the subjects that broached my mind was regarding comments and questions I've gotten lately. I've been asked why I do a blog when my schedule is already so packed, and why I put so much effort into looks. I've also received comments pertaining to this interest in fashion resulting in a materialistic or otherwise vain personality. I did not enjoy those implications in the least.

       I do not have a blog because I like to look 'pretty'. There are many people in this world who like to look 'pretty' and have absolutely no interest or intentions of putting it up on the internet for the world to see. Not to mention I don't always get positive feed back, and yet those often seem to be my favorite ensembles, because they are unique and creative and not status quo. I blog because I enjoy fashion as a creative outlet. I can express ideas and emotions through my clothes and looks, which often results in me seeing so much more in a dress or headband than my shopping partners realize. I like to think that a theme or personality can be determined by my presentation, which may seem vain, but is analogous to an artist who interprets thoughts through a painting or a poet with a poem. I enjoy spending that extra bit of time to make my hair and makeup and clothes and shoes cohesive in order to portray a theme, and revel in inventing new ways to wear individual items.

     And as much as some may insist otherwise, your appearance makes a statement about you, whether intended or not. I for one would rather make a statement with high heeled platforms and dresses than jeans and converse. In no way am I saying that others should not express themselves with jeans or tshirts or whatever their hearts desire, I just feel that my way is what best conveys me. I'm most comfortable in high heels, and so I will wear them when I please, not because I'm vain or materialistic, but because they bring me joy when I slip them on in the morning, and give me a sense of self importance and confidence. I also find walking in them easy because I naturally walk on my toes and have since I was one years old. (fun fact) and my mom says that is obviously a sign I was born for high heels.

    In days packed with multiple extracurriculars, inhumane amounts of homework, and little sleep, I spend multiple hours per week on this blog whether it be getting a special look ready in the morning, taking pictures during lunch breaks, or manuevering the technological aspects of posting it (technology has never been my strength). I do all this because it brightens my day. Looking nice gives me confidence, helps me be creative, makes me smile, and getting up the finished post makes me feel accomplished. This experience has gotten my brain working in new ways, inspiring new ideas, and giving me the encouragement and confidence to dress exactly how I want to. And in the end, it's what makes us happy and makes our days a little more pleasant that are really important.

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  1. Thanks for the mention dear! I enjoy blogging as a creative outlet and a platform for writing as well. Keep on doing what you love to do, beacause that is what you do best and that will be bring you true happiness.