Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wistful Thinking

The last two days school was canceled due to "extreme subzero temperatures," which in this case were around -8 the majority of the day. While that's cold, we've had far worse, so I'm assuming that it was more a "everyone wants a break and this is the best excuse we could come up with" day than a snow day....which is just fine with me. No arguing against two days off without being snowed in. However, I'm starting to miss the summer, particularly the warm weather, even more particularly wearing dresses. I've got a long haul until the weather is even near acceptable to wear these, but a girl can dream.
Cream Lace and Silk Panel Dress
Petite Toffee Lace Panel Smock

Sun Shades Dress

 A little bit Indie rock dress from Modcloth $70

Cloud Art Dress

Royal Jersey Dress
Bird by Juicy Couture

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