Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dying for Denim

As shown by yesterdays post, I recently acquired denim pumps, and am deeply in love with them. They have also sparked an interest in denim, with more and more of it appearing now. I think if you do it the right way, denim is classy and so versatile since it goes with everything. I prefer deeper hues and less grainy textures. Here are a couple of my favorite denim items out there:

Rapture Washed Denim Tunic
 Denim tunic-want sooooo badly. I think it'd look stellar this summer with some messy hair tied back with a ribbon. I know, specific.
Charlotte Rousse
Tube Denim Button Front Romper
 Rompers are wonderful as they are, and a denim romper would exponentially increase my love of them.
Stella Mccartney
Ink Lace Embroidered Denim Dress
 I love that this denim dress doesn't have any reminiscence of those dowdy country ones we so often think of. It's modern and the embroidery at the hem adds that feminine touch. And the following skirt is another example of a modern take on a denim piece!

At the Break of Dawn Denim Bow Tie Skirt
And now for a couple more denim pumps I adore:
Yves Saint Laurent 'Tribtoo' Denim Platform Pump

Christian Louboutin Greissimo Denim Knot Pump
Hope everyone is having a fantastic week. And if not-halfway done!

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