Thursday, February 17, 2011

Windy Gusts

First off I would like to explain that today was very extremely windy. I did not like said wind, because a) I don't like wind in general. It messes up your hair, causes important papers to almost fly out of your backpack and also makes what should have been a day in the fifties, feel like a day in the twenties. and b) I was wearing an airy skirt. Wind and such skirts do not mix. However I still enjoyed my outfit while safely inside warm buildings, because it is very feminine, comfortable and flattering. This skirt was long forgotten in my closet in part because the purpose I originally bought it for did not work out and I just realized I had yet to make use of it until today. I also am currently very in love with skirt and heel combinations. They make me look much taller than I actually am. Good news though! I was enthralled at my doctors appointment (unusual because I despise doctor visits) and was informed I have grown from 5'2" to 5'3"! Hurrah!
Hello there wind. Thank you so much for blowing my skirt around. It's greatly appreciated. Thank you also for ruining the temperature on the forecast and henceforth turning my legs to icicles.
Pacsun skirt, Nordstrom tank top, Kohl's sweater, DSW wedges

love the waistline this ensemble gave
 In order to complete the pictures without being swept away, we found a quaint little door with a shanty type cover, also shielded by being tucked away in an alley between buildings to take pictures. Not one of the normal places and also provided a couple awkward shadows but well worth it.

Near the end of the shoot (totally only five minutes because I am a baby about temp) I was struggling to make a pretty face. But I really like the door and the chipped paint for some reason so I put this photo in anyways.
Hope you all had much warmer Thursdays than I!

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