Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Glimpse of Spring

Today I wore one of my favorite shirts, a tank top style shirt with beautiful embellishment on the neckline. This is the perfect example of why you should not always try things on in your size. This is an XL from Nordstrom, where I am usually a small for shirts, and I love it because the longer length is more flattering and comfortable and also allows me to wear the top with leggings.

peeking behind a tree. Look at those flowers, so delicate. I love girly stuff!
 As for my jeans I've been seeing more and more people cuff the hem, which I originally didn't believe I could pull off, but actually really like. It's extremely flattering and makes me look taller when my jeans aren't dragging on the floor (also increase jean lifespan since it decreases tatters and tears on the edges). I also really enjoyed that it allowed me to show off my new shoes.
basking in the sun under an oh so blue Colorado sky

Nordstrom top, Pac Sun jeans, JS by Jessica Erica Sandals, Juicy rings
These glorious shoes are some of my favorites ever, primarily because, believe it or not, they are exceedingly comfortable. Not common for a 5 1/2 inch heel, I know, but the denim fabric that compromises the top of the shoe feels like your foot is gently wrapped in cloth and the platform on the front makes the heel feel far less drastic. They'll also be easy to pair with any outfit because of the fact that they go with jeans, and jeans go with pretty much everything.

Hope everyone has had a breezy Tuesday!

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