Sunday, February 27, 2011

Five Things (But Really Six)

I am aware I have not been particularly punctual with my list of five things, and this is partially because I often times don't have my camera with me 24/7 and prefer not to throw things together with crappy pictures or lacking pictures altogether. If I post something, I like to do it to the fullest potential. That being said, I am going to do my best to start having my camera on me and doing the five things more regularly. That being said, the last couple weeks have also been a tad bit stressful and rough, causing less time for blogging and picture taking. However, here are a few things that brightened my week:
1. A summery treat on a not so summery day.
fresh strawberries with powdered sugar
 2. A new way to style my hair thats easy, cute and fresh. Plus it gives a sort of southern belle look.
the first layer of hot rollers.
  I really enjoy curling my hair, especially now that its so long that straightening it isn't as appealing because its just long and flat without texture. However using a curling iron takes forever, and I get antsy standing there holding it to my head and feeling immobile when there are so many other things besides my hair that must get done. Hot rollers have been the perfect solution, allowing me to run around while my hair is being styled. I also like that it comes out less in ringlets and more in big volumous curls.
the finished product of hot rollers
 3. Making some delicious and creative cupcakes.

animal cupcakes: sheep, pig, dog, bear, cat and frog.

my lovely friend (also the photgrapher for the ensemble shoots)
 4. A gift from a friend that eases my nights.
Over the last couple months I started having nightmares, which are not a great deal of fun. Though skeptical at first, I was convinced that this would do the trick. And it's cute wall decor.
my cute dreamcatcher hanging above my bed
 5. Sunblock, because yes, apparently you can get a sunburn in February.
 6. I do enjoy people, and I am excited to some people tonight at the academy awards! So excited for the walk down the red carpet. Glamour glamour glamour!
Hope all your weeks are off to a good start!

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