Thursday, February 3, 2011


A while back I bought an adorable white shirt with a ruffle bib and collar that I was quite in love with. Shown here. However, I could not find anything to take away its more....well amish quality. It was way too button up and formal for a teenager. However, then my mother and I were shopping and found this brand new black vest. I quite adore it as its sophisticated but also more age appropriate, as well as very flattering (my waist looked miniscule) and enabled me to finally wear my amish shirt.
 I wanted to expirement with a skirt, but it was simply too cold, so that can be saved for another day.

 Like I said, very cold outside, and it's a little awkward to take pictures inside restaurants or school, so there aren't very many pictures without my coat, as I just got better from being sick and don't feel like getting hypothermia.
Urban Outfitters blouse, New York and Company vest, Charlotte Rouse jeans, Gianni Bini booties, pearl earring, Juicy Couture ring
Hope everyone is staying warm!

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