Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fashion Shopping List

Sometimes, I am just lacking basic fashionable pieces that I need. So I've made a list, like a grocery list, of all that I'm have need (or desire) of.

Item One: Lace Tights with cool designs to throw on under skirts or dresses in place of leggings
(Frenchi Dot Tights and  Frenchi Lace Tights)

Item Two: A basic black belt to accentuate my waist, since I'm small and often get lost in baggy clothing
(BP Studded Oval Buckle Elastic Black Belt)

Item Three: Jeggings, could there be a better combo than jeans with leggings? I think not.
(Vigoss Denim Leggings and Jolt 'Pick Me Up' Stretch Denim Leggings)

Item Four: A cute wallet. I actually have no wallet at all...whenever I go to buy one i think how after I get it I'll have no money to put in it! But the time has come.
(Juicy Couture Scotty Bling Small French Wallet and Coach Madison Dotted OPArt Medium Wallet)

Item Five: Black Flats. They go with a lot, and I personally love flats. Theyre cute.
 (Maria Sharapova by Cole Haan 'Air Bacara' Flat and Killah 'Andreas' Flat)

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