Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Little Something about Me

 Hey there, my name is Leah

 Remember those “about me” projects you did back in elementary school? Well, thats sort of like what this is. I’m from a family of six, my mom, dad, two sisters, and brother. We also have a dog named Ginger.
I live in Colorado, and I am a sophomore. I play violin, tennis, and am in Young Life.

Me and one of my little sisters

Maybe youre wondering why I started this blog. Well, partially I dont want to do my history essay. But also, I love fashion and writing. My Young Life Leader Carlee suggested I start one a while ago, but I am sorta shy. So I’m not telling anyone about this blog yet. I guess we’ll see how it goes?
Carlee with my little brother
As for the name, one of my best friends, Jessie and I always plan what we’re wearing the night before. One day I started calling her the Fashion Guru. And she started calling me Young Gucci Purse. So there you have it.
Me and Jessie

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