Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Homecoming Frenzy!

Tonight is my school's Homecoming, and I for one, am so glad to get it over with. Don't get me wrong, I love getting dressed up, having a night out with friends and dates (if you have them) and dancing the night away. It's just very stressful! Homecoming at my school is a huge deal, and that means a lot of time, energy and effort that I really couldn't afford this year. So instead of stressing over a huge group, I'm going with two of my best friends in our own little group. We'll still see everyone at the dance, but with everything I'm doing (all advanced classes, tennis, violin, Young Life, etc) I really didn't have time to worry about a big group. I did a big group last year, and while it was fun, I'm excited for our low key group tonight. I'm really behind in the whole thing, I'm actually shoe shopping and jewelry shopping in an hour, but the night should be fun and a nice stress relief from everything I've got going on. I'll post pictures tomorrow, and hopefully my shoes (I'm considering Steve Madden pumps) will be easy and quick to find!
Here's what I wore last year, and my big group:

(Most of the group, minus a few girls who were late and a couple girls' dates)

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