Sunday, October 10, 2010

Facebook gets a person thinkin'

A friend's facebook status tonight was  "I want to know everyone's perspective on what love is. Whether it's cynical or positive or anything in between. Tell me what you think?"
I don't know her super well, (though I secretly look up to her because she's an amazing writer and person) and never before have I commented on her status, but tonight I was convicted to do so. I'd recently had trouble with one of my Young Life leader Kara, who's my favorite person in the world,  and whom I love very much and started thinking along the lines of our relationship. Here's what I wrote:
Well i'm not entirely sure about love as in like, dating love but at least family and friend love is when you care for someone else's heart entirely and totally. you are willing to make sacrifices for them and their best interest comes before yours at times. When theyre hurt, your heart breaks. You understand them enough that even when they mess up, you see their intentions and pain behind it. Their is no part of them you would change, because even their 'flaws' are a beautiful part of who they are.You trust them unconditionally and you bring out the best in them. You always forgive them and want to be the first person to help them up when they fall. When you love someone, they take up permanent residence in your heart.
That's my opinion. I think it's a good thing for everyone to contemplate.

Kara and Me

  Pictures taken when Kara was leaving over the summer for California and we said goodbye

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