Sunday, January 30, 2011

McQueen Infatuation

I found out about Mr. Alexander McQueen from my Young Life leader a month or so back and decided to look at his spring collection. That my friends, is when I feel deeply in love with it. I am so infatuated that he gets his own Spring 2011 post because the love was overflowing on my first Spring 2011 post. I would highly recomend watching a video of his show (click here to watch) because it is literally as if some of the garments have a life of their own. Here are a few favorites I picked out though I'm astounded with the entire collection.

 One of those dresses that simply moves as if it's alive. I actually thought the model was moving it with her hands but she wasn't. It was the closer to the shwo.
 I'm gonna be real honest and admit my first though when I saw this was, I would totally get married in that. That is not the intent with the dress, but I'm just saying if I had to work a dress down an aisle I'd be totally down to wear that one. Though in reality, I'll probably end up wearing a vintage lace gown because lets face it, weddings typically aren't high fashion. Anyways I loved this one with the white, the strong neckline and the unique skirt.
 Oh the shoes, the beautiful shoes. The heels are just incredible. There's also a butterfly one. I want them.
 Military style taken to a whole new level. I love the shoulders and the cutouts (he does cutouts like no other) an the femininity but also a sense of power and confidence about the outfit.
 He had several dresses with very eccentuated hips, which I thought was very intrigueing. I also like the strands skirt quite a lot. He quoted it was to "disentegrate to reveal the body beneath."
 Another dress that moved on its own. Insane. The movement in every single one of his pieces was unreal. And again he features a strong neckline as well as a drop waist sillhouette which I like rather a lot.
One of my absolute favorites. It has that disintegrating feel again and it's so flowy. It's just...ah gorgeous with the most interesting and unique look. It reminds me of the ethereal feel and almost a fairy.
Alexander McQueen is a genius.

Hope you all have had a good weekend!

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  1. Lovely. But just so you know, Alexander McQueen himself is dead... he committed suicide last year. But his brand name is being carried on by Sarah Burton. You should check out some of his late stuff - pretty amazing.