Friday, January 14, 2011

Black (Pink) Swan

This is another one of my sketches I drew I believe in math or chinese or one of those subjects where the mind wanders. It's a little different, but if you can imagine it in real life I think it comes out better than I was able to portray it on paper. Just bare with me...I swear it makes sense...well at least to me. Anyways it was inspired by the Black Swan...which I have still yet to see but I get the basic gist about how the girl is a super-perfectionist and then comes undone at the seams, which is how I guess my brain came up with this.
Now for the explanation of why the skirt looks so odd. The idea was that it's a very pretty pink skirt, smooth fabric (but absolutley not shiny), and then there are rips in the dress where tulle is sticking out (not super far, more naturally). I couldn't figure out how to not make it look like the rips are totally visible with wierd circles around them because I wanted to show that there werent just random balls of tulle attached. The idea is the rest of the dress, specificaly the top, is feminine and pretty and perfect and the skirt is beginning to show signs of imperfection. The skirt is nice and full. As for the back, the v back goes straight down to the waist line with rosettes lining it and the tulle continues to stick out in the back too, (not obscenely mind you) because I simply hate when a dress has a pattern that is amazing in the front and then stops awkwardly at the sides and isnt on the back. Anyways, I'm not sure if this communicates perfectly, but in my head it looks simply fabuous, particularly on Natalie Portman.

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