Friday, January 28, 2011

Incompetent Immune System

I really really hate being sick. I mean, everyone does, but I don't even really care about the actual sickness as much as the limitations that come with it. I am one of those kids who must be convinced by their mothers through several phonecalls, that missing half a day of school will not end their academic career and that taking a day off is acceptable. Nothing drives me crazier than feeling unproductive and not having something upcoming in my day. In fact, three years ago when I had pneumonia for a whole dreadful month, I was so bored to tears that I forced my mother to find me odd jobs to do that didn't require any movement or a great amount of analytical thinking, as I wasn't capable of either, but made me feel like I was doing something other than wasting away on the couch day after day. Today was not as drastic as pneumonia, but I am already itching to get back into motion, as my to do list is exceedingly lengthy and watching tv gets old after an hour. So rather than watch another rerun of Toddlers and Tiaras, I have put my restless personality into this new design for a friend. It's her ideal wedding dress that she requested with the requirements of a sweetheart neckline, mermaid or ballgown silhouette and simplistic style.

This gown has all the required components as well as some unique qualities. On the front there is gold embroidery along the neckline and down the torso. The seam between the skirt and the torso of the dress has a large gold ribbon and bow tied over it, and overall it's simplistic. The back is where I was a little more creative, making the skirt fuller and with a train as well as having three large pieces of gold lace attached to the gold ribbon around the seam that constitute a longer train that is also light and unique. The back is a corset with the ribbon tie up and the emroidery continues around the neckline.
Hope you all are having more productive Fridays than me!

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